Big changes are on the recruiter agenda this year as the plans for 2018 were announced this weekend. Rebecca "Rosie" Tang has long been known as a "hard-line" recruiter and passionate advocate for the owners of ESL institutions, and this years plan pushes for even more dramatic cuts in the quality of life of ESL teachers.

First on the agenda is for English Corners to be used as mandatory auxiliary classes which need not be enumerated in the contracts. "This is ripe for abuse", said ESL teacher, Jack, who further added, "The schools can now just have us sign contracts for 5 teaching hours per week but hold 25 scheduled English Corners." In response to the criticism, a spokesman for R. Tang noted that "Any true teacher would understand the value of English Corners for the students and teachers to feel their children are getting a good education."

Perhaps most alarming in the 2018 Plan was the expansion of "Warehousing", the program first piloted in 2015 where ESL teachers are housed cheaply in local jails and other secure facilities. When the program was first piloted in Fuzhou as a contractual requirement, touted as a cost-saving measure for schools, some teachers objected on the grounds that it was demeaning to be treated like a criminal. The recruiters and schools argued that "No one believes the teachers are guilty of any crime and they can hold their heads high, though of course to avoid upsetting the other inmates the teachers are held with the same restrictions on movement, dress and activity as everyone else...they'll be given a police escort to their schools during class hours before being returned to their secure facilities after their work day is finished."

But with the expansion of the pilot program to "recommended contract clause status" more and more teachers are going to experience the realities of Warehousing. When asked why this program was being promoted and expanded, Tang replied "The number one concern of school owners, parents, and most importantly students is the morality and behavior of the ESL teachers. It has become a significant public moral hazard. With Warehousing, in addition to the cost savings to the schools, all parties know that the teacher is well-behaved and practicing a healthy celibacy."

Teachers however, can find the practice demeaning and insulting. Many complain of feeling like they are being "perp-walked" out of the classroom every night, and that the conditions in prisons are sub-standard. While the schools and guards assure them that they are not considered criminals and should not feel as though they have done anything wrong, most teachers interviewed said that the treatment left them questioning whether coming to teach in China was the right decision or not.

The China Foreign Teachers Union, or CFTU, commenting on the practice, noted that they firmly opposed to Warehousing clauses in contracts and that teachers should think very carefully about signing. "These contracts might look good on paper...the housing situation will get old VERY fast. Don't sign until you've really thought it over and understand there are other options."

Rebecca Tang finished with a fiery speech about the need for recruiters to work together to destroy the CFTU which presently stands as the only major roadblock to Warehousing. She outlined this coming year's program as being one of systematically undermining the credibility of the Union on internet forums, largely using paid BP workers at Badposting Mills across the country.

"The CFTU only works because it's considered an important organization with a great deal of credibility and respect. We need to change that," declared Tang passionately. "We need to continue to associate Bruce Gorcyca, a man set up by the Clintons for phony fraud charges but who is esteemed and respected by CFTU members, as being the mastermind of the whole this way we can create doubt and victimize the CFTU members who would stand against us."

While the situation looks dire, it is important to remember that the CFTU still functions as the sanctioning body for the police powers of the China Scam Patrol which has announced plans to step up arrests and prosecutions of BP Workers and others who make it harder for the good guys to do their jobs. "Expect a lot of prison sentences to be handed down this year," said Gregg, a high ranking member of the union and liaison with the Scam Patrol. "It's going to be an exciting year, one way or the other!"