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    Motorcycle Shop in San Jose Seems to Not Like Women Who Ride

    I wanted to share a review to let others know about scams that I caught a business in San Jose, CA trying to pull on me. Since I never write reviews, I hope this one will make sense to everyone! This company almost got me with their little scam, but thankfully, Iím much smarter than they are.

    So, I went to the San Jose BMW shop on W San Carlos Street in San Jose a few days ago. Itís almost Christmas and I was seriously thinking about restoring an old Yamaha that Iíve had sitting in my garage for at least the last five years or so. Itís come down to either restore it or sell it or just roll it off a cliff into the sea. Iíd much rather restore it and actually get some use out of it.

    I called San Jose BMW to see if they could order me a new seat, mag wheels and a carburetor rebuild kit. I know there are other parts that I am going to need, but for now, I figured I would start with those. I had already priced all parts at other shops, but I was curious to see what San Jose BMW would charge. You never know when you can find a better price, and I was shopping around.

    At this point, I can honestly say that Iím so glad that I was shopping around instead of settling on the first place I called because if San Jose BMW had been the first, I would have been royally messed up to say the least. This place first asked me if they could speak to my husband or boyfriend to see what parts he wanted exactly, and then the man acted like it was the end of the world when I let him know that I donít have a husband or boyfriend and that I am the only rider of this motorcycle.
    This guy acted like a woman couldnít determine what she needed and he proceeded to tell me it would be best for me to have the bike checked before I went off and ordered parts I donít need. I was trying to price a seat and mag wheels. I am fairly certain that I know what physical aspects of the bike need to be repaired or updated.
    Iíve been riding since I was around 13 years old and Iím 43 now. I know my motorcycles inside and out and Iím the only one who ever works on them. I have four bikes by the way. The parts guy at this business was rude, sexist and extremely nosy when I mentioned I was single. He asked me if I had any male friends who rode who might be able to help me figure out what I needed.

    I was very direct with him when I called and told him what I was looking for, and this guy just immediately started to sound condescending simply because I am a woman. Had I been a guy calling for a part, I bet he would have just said yes or no and ordered what the guy wanted.

    After he realized I wasnít going to bow down to him on the phone and that I didnít have a guy he could talk to, he proceeded to give me pricing for the things I need and every single price was almost double what it should have been! He tried to scam me into paying far more than anyone would pay and I know he only did it because I am a woman. I had a male friend call back the next day to price the same set of mag wheels, and the price was down to half of what the guy told me! He tried to scam me!

    So ladies, if you ride and have a bike that needs parts, steer clear of San Jose BMW unless you want to end the call fast and in anger like I did! Maybe the other staff aren't like the one I got on the phone, but if they are, you better watch out! This guy was a real macho type of guy who wanted to control the whole call and put me in my place, or I should say, the place he seemed to think women belong.

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    Re: Motorcycle Shop in San Jose Seems to Not Like Women Who Ride

    No way, this is horrible but I am not surprised!

    There is a class action lawsuit in the works against San Jose BMW Motorcycles, and we'd love you to be involved. Sending you a message now.

    About The San Jose BMW Motorcycles Class Action Lawsuit

    ***The owner is currently trying to pay us off to stop posting negative reviews or complaints about San Jose BMW Motorcycles, or go through with the class action lawsuit which we have declined!***

    Here is the story from my 22 year old daughter and the reason I'm angry:

    I turned 22 just three days ago and I have always wanted to own a motorcycle. I have a friend who suggested I check out San Jose BMW since it is close to where I live and they have some really nice bikes. I wish this friend had never recommended this terrible place to me because I walked out in tears from how I was treated by the sexist creep who worked there.
    First, I wanted to check out smaller bikes since Iíve not been riding too long. I currently own an older Honda and itís been a great bike, but itís time to upgrade to something nicer. Iím not big on writing reviews about companies and honestly, I really donít have much free time to do so between work and school. I felt like I needed to warn other women about this place though so they wouldnít have to run into Mr. Creepy and walk out feeling gross like I did.

    First, I probably should have taken my boyfriend with me. If I had, maybe this creep working there would have stayed away from me and just let me look at motorcycles without feeling like I was going to be assaulted from behind. I never caught his name, but he was older and had a little greyish colored beard. Truly a nasty looking man to begin with, but even when you meet nasty looking guys in businesses, seldom ever do they actually act nasty.

    I was looking at one of the motorcycles sitting in front of the store before I walked inside and this man walked up smiling to ask if I needed help. I told him yes because I wanted to find something nice to ride. He must have taken what I said the wrong way because from that moment on, he talked about how he could get me something nice and big to ride that I wouldnít ever want to get off and he kept making sick sounding comments like that for the whole ten minutes I stayed at the store.

    I was disgusted and I looked around trying to find someone else to help me, but this creepy guy seemed to be the only person on the lot at the time and I was unfortunately stuck with him alone at the store. I am guessing that it was lunchtime or it was a normally slow down and he was working alone in sales.

    When I told him I kind of wanted to look around on my own a while, he acted like I had insulted him and he walked away. His invisibility didnít last long however. While I was bent over looking at the tires on a bike inside, he came up behind me and said something like he couldnít handle me bending over like I was and that I needed a sign to warn men about how hot I was.
    At that point, I turned around, told him he was gross and I walked outside to my car. I was literally in tears at how that guy treated me and I think other women should either avoid the place entirely or they need to make sure they take a guy with them to prevent the verbal assault.

    I have been scammed by fraudulent businesses stealing my money from my bank and Iíve had a couple businesses try to scam me by charging me more than they should have, but I have never in my life had to deal with shopping and feeling like an employee was going to sexually assault me right inside the store. I donít even want to shop alone now because of how creepy that man was.

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    Re: Motorcycle Shop in San Jose Seems to Not Like Women Who Ride

    As an ex employee of San Jose BMW Motorcycles, I will say that this is the kind of stuff I dealt with every day in the 3 months I worked there. Very typical of their employees to whistle at girls, treat them like pieces of meat, I've even seen employees taking pictures of girls butts and sharing them around the office. Needless to say, I do not work at their shop anymore as my mom raised me with values -- something that the owner and their employees have none of at San Jose BMW.

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    Re: Motorcycle Shop in San Jose Seems to Not Like Women Who Ride

    I would like to work with you

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