Just finished up a 12 month Inner Circle mentorship with this fraud. The only thing that was affected was $44,000 on my bank balance.

Aaron Sansoni, proclaimed "Sales King" is nothing short of a rip off, and a scam artist.

He lies about having a Venture Capital firm in which he invests in other peoples businesses so he'd be considered a business authority and sign up to his programs.

All of his content his stolen word for word from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Joel Baur and other enterprise speakers which he claims to know on a personal level, and he'll often Photoshop photos of himself with these celebrities Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Eric Thomas and more to leverage off of their authority.

He claims to have over 20 businesses which in fact is another lie, the only businesses he has is the public speaking workshops he holds for $4,000 which include: Sales Mastery, Empire Mastery, Leadership Mastery & Million Dollar Agent boot camps, & Speaker Retreat & his $40,000+ coaching programs.

He "Independently valued" himself at $39 Million, which is also deceitful and untrue...

Do not be fooled into signing up to any of this boot camps, or mentorship, save your money... there is no value given here.

He is living the epitome of "Fake it till you make it"

Here is the exact funnel he uses to rope people into his 100% Plagiarised courses:

1. He will often run low ticket events between ($20-100) for business owners usually sponsored by Success Resources, or his own "Evening With Aaron" events.

2. He runs an intro video which "Preframes" the audience using deceptive NLP tactics, showing pictures of him with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins... and claims to be "The new breed of Sales Superstar" and better than the great legends: Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar etc...

3. He will pitch his $4,000 - 3 day boot camps at the end of the low ticket events
(He drags out the 3 days bootcamps with useless time wasting preframes explaining what he is going to "teach" which he then states "he hasnt even gotten started yet". By the end of day 1, you'll relies that all of his content is rehashed, and does not even give credit to the people he straight out stole it from)

4. During his Bootcamp he shocks the audience using his "Mantra" which is copied word for word from Tony Robbins: https://unleashyourinnerstrength.com...-incantations/

5. On the evening of the 2nd day, he will preframe the audience that he is running a "Free VIP lunch" which anyone can access to learn about his Coaching and mentorship program.

6. Day 3 he will run the "VIP lunch in a separate room" and pitch a 12 month Inner Circle Program, and will use scarcity tactics and says:

"We really weren't expecting this many people" and that "we did not prepare enough forms". Also that "not everyone will be accepted into the program, and that its an application review process..."

He sells his "Inner Circle Program" for more than $40,000 which he claims will:

- Help take your business to the next level
- Give you access to all his resources "The best in Australia" - (load of crap)
- Give you access to his VIP email (which is not monitored by his staff, and most emails are often ignored)
- Access to his Inner Circle Facebook Community, which is jam packed with 60+ people asking for help about their business with Facebook lives.
- Trips and tours through his "Aaron Sansoni Foundation" - which also does not even exist
- Quarterly 1 hour calls with Aaron - (which he spends the whole hour talking about his self-indulged success, and does not speak about your business at all)
- Quarterly immersions which he claims will sky rocket your business (complete waste of time)

I urge my fellow business owners not to take part of his fraudulent programs. If you've been in business longer than 20 minutes there is not much Aaron Sansoni can help you with, he will often tell you to "Go ask the Inner Circle group" when you ask him for help in your business.

An absolute joke of a program, I cannot believe I was fooled into signing with him, huge waste of money!

If anyone else has had a similar experience, please do not hesitate to share, it is important that others are aware of this Shiny Fucker.

Best regards,

Very Disappointed & Ripped Off Business Owner.