All you out there be aware of Prospere Baleng. He is a horrendous liar, bullshitter, time waster and a non performer! Through his collaborator in Hawaii they are offering sell of Standby Letter of Credit on collateral first delivery vs payment procedure professing will issue from Barclays Bank and HSBC London at 75% and 78% but it's all blatant lies. They are maniacs, liars. The American guy in Hawaii will tell you sweet stories about Prospere Baleng as being a West African Cameroonian "billionaire" living in France but it's all made up black arse b.s! No sooner than they will start asking you to go to London to meet Prospere Baleng claiming to open an account in Barclays Bank for KYC face to face basis, the intend is obvious to try and get you pay some upfront money to Prospere Baleng. They will try all kinds of tricks to sweeten their
stories, in the end when they know they can't get a cent from you they will claim Barclays has declined your submission and they will hand-made some bullshit communications from Barclays Bank to show you. Don't ever fall for the lies of Prospere Baleng and the typical big stories by Prospere Baleng's American guy in Hawaii. For you all out there, these are additional details of Prospere Baleng:

Authorized Representative: Prospere Baleng
Passport No: 0369973 .
Nationality: Cameroonian.
Passport Expiry Date: 22/10/2020
Telephone (Direct): +337 5298 4543
Email: [email protected]