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Thread: loan scam

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    loan scam

    from: [email protected]
    to: <>
    date: Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 12:06 AM
    subject: Re: Re

    Hi , I am in receipt of your mail.
    Let me know if you are okay with the loan calculation. so we can send your the loan contract agreement.

    your non collateral loan has been charged at 295.10 USD to qualify you for 350,000.00

    Loan Balance: 350,000.00
    Loan Interest Rate: 4.30%
    Loan Term: 6 years
    Monthly Loan Payment: 5,523.79
    Number of Payments: 72
    Cumulative Payments: 397,712.50
    Total Interest Paid: 47,712.50
    Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 71 payments of 5,523.79 plus a final payment of 5,523.41.

    Repayment starts 30th of January, 2018.

    Send me your bank details.

    Once we receive your details and the payment of 295.10 USD the transfer will be made immediately.

    Money Gram Details:
    Receiver name:Lisa Morgan
    Address: Fort worth,Saginaw Texas.
    Amount: 295.10 usd

    Chief Admin Officer.

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    Re: loan scam

    Advise a reliable and loyal company to get a loan?

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    Re: loan scam

    I think that the most loyal company grant loans you will find on the website http://www.huiput.fi and will be able to get a good deal without interest. I have already taken a loan and I paid off very quickly, due to the lack of interest rate for a certain period. Now I know where to go if I need money urgently.

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