Juráň Robin, Mgr. Michaela Kozárová and Kateřina Chládková from PM-Lingua s.r.o, Martina Mrkvová from opu.cz, M*ša Davidová from mostlp.eu and etc. Beware of them! Juráň Robin is a wicked and big liar. My friend (Ms. K) knew him through http://www.spolubydlici.cz/?setlang=en which was suggested by Martina Mrkvová. She told Ms. K to look for a rent there. And opu.cz was suggested by Most pro o.p.s. - poradna pro cizince (mostlp.eu) from M*ša Davidová or Michaela Davidová. All of them are accomplices of Juráň Robin. Ms. K is very angry at them because Juráň Robin said he would find her a job and etc but all were lies. They trapped her to destroy her visa and her mom's visa pre-application.

One day, Juráň Robin took her mom to see a hospital and took advantage of her by forcing her mom to let him change her clothes which allowed him to see her breasts. Her mom told her what happened and the reason was Robin told her that the nurse had chased her to quickly change her clothes. He must be a busybody maniac in prying naked body part of women. That was why he told Ms. K to not come along. Then he returned to the house without taking any high blood medicine for her mom from the doctor when that day was her mom's last pill and her mom had even told him about it before. He said the doctor would give her the pills later before 5 pm and he suggested to take Ms. K to translators at www.pm-lingua.cz to translate her original bank statements and her mom's medical reports from Czech to English first even though Ms. K told him to take her mom first to the hospital to see doctor for the pills. Later he lied and chased them out of the house. He purposely let her mom waited until the day she finished her high blood pressure pills to kill her. They are barbarians, thieves and wicked creatures. Because of that, she and her mother had to return to their countries. Although she had the receipts and after she had tried to telephone and email Mgr. Michaela Kozárová and Kateřina Chládková, they did not respond to her. He and the translators lied to her that the translation would take 1 week when the receipt mentioned several days so that they could steal their bank statements to be nosey on their bank activities. Earlier, she told him to take her to another translator but he refused and said that the time of completion was around the same time. Juráň Robin is lunatic because he always stared at them long during talking and while pausing a talk.