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    BEWARE! Wiseway International Education is old study abroad scam with new name from China

    Wiseway International Education - The Chameleon Study Abroad Scam
    Beijing, China (Virtual Offices in UK and US as well)

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    If you think a company that continuously changes its name in order to charge people $30,000 to fill out college application forms from students and then also collect referral fees (kickbacks) from the universities, is legitimate, then there is no need to read further. But if you agree that ripping off young high school grads is despicable, then warn every young person you know, because these slimeballs in China are even worse than the notorious CUCAS gang of fraudsters (see http://chinascampatrol.wordpress regarding the CUCAS fraud - scroll down about 8-10 stories from homepage)

    Over the last two years, dozens of victims have exposed a company called Wiseway Global Education in Beijing of being a study abroad fraud (even worse than CUCAS, the most notorious China scam targeting study abroad students). Their complaints and horror stories of being swindled for thousands of dollars litter the internet at Reddit, Scam.com, ESLWatch.info, and RealScam.com. For details just go to http://duckduckgo.com and search "Wiseway Global Education, Scam" and you will be reading for the next hour!
    But now there seems to be either an incredible coincidence or some bold arrogance and deception at play. A "new" study abroad company has emerged at the very same Zhongguancun street address in Haidian District of Beijing, China, with the very same owner, a Russian named Yuri, and the very same CEO (Mr. Wei). And my goodness... the two companies even share the same telephone numbers!
    So if you cannot smell the coffee friends, perhaps you deserve to get screwed out of $10,000 -$30,000 as a lesson in life learned the hard way. Warn your friends and any young high school and uni student you know that is thinking about working abroad. Also, beware that the same Russian owner also goes by the name of Sergei and owns four other scam brands in China that are listed here for your convenience;

    Gi2C: https://www.reddit.com/r/TEFLScams/comments/7007vp/gi2c_fake_reviews_are...
    Laowai Career Center: http://forums.scamadviser.com/report-a-scam/fraud-alert!-laowai-career-c...
    Getin2China: http://www.scamity.com/getin2china-4c
    Wiseway Global Education: https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?685441-China-Scam-Alert-Wiseway-Glob...

    There are rumors that China HR is also one of his companies and we are investigating this allegation now and will update you all with our findings within the next 30 days. Until then, be VERY cautious when dealing with any educational program or "opportunity" that has China links and take a visit to http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral and or https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704467-UPDATED-China-Liars-List-ESL-...

    NOTE: Be aware that one of our undercover volunteers was asked to sell their I20 letter from Stanford University to Wiseway for $1,000 and more than 70% of their clients ask for refunds according to "Gallagher" our informant who used to work for the company owner Yuri Khlystov. Upon closer investigation, we learned that more than half of the testimonials were given by paid shills and another 7 were real customers that were given $5,000 discounts to make false reviews. We have now launched a full-scale investigation into this company and will be updating this scam report as we progress. In the interim, they will most likely change their name yet again. So beware of any company claiming to guarantee scholarships or placements in a top 100 university. They claim to be "partners" with over 100 universities and the Ministry of Education in China, yet all the universities we contacted refute and such connection and claim the ads purchased in online university directories were fraudulent and the original content was edited after the ads were posted online with links to the university website to give a perecption of legitimacy. The Ministry of Education in China was outraged when we informed them of the claims being made by Wiseway International Education and they are taking legal action at this time to get a cease and desist order from the Beijing courts.

    The 2017 CTA (China Teachers Alliance) blacklist can be found at this link but it is not as current as the above links. https://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCareerCenter/cta-2017-china-scam-blackl...
    Be Safe - Not Sorry. See all of our China Scam Reports at http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com and safe travels in pursuit of your professional career abroad.
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    If in doubt about any China company or entity, make this your first stop http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral

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