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    C.W. Fischer Electric, Inc. aka Fischer Electric Inc.

    C.W. Fischer Electric, Inc. aka Fischer Electric Inc. 4057 N.E. 5th Terrace Oakland Park, FL 33334

    • Principal: Mr. Charles W. Fischer, President
    • Mr. Charles W. Fischer Jr., Vice President

    I contracted with this company 8/28/2017 they had sent a gentlemen (and I use that loosely) out to quote the project and they quoted the project high but the dock people recommended them so I thought the were legit. The man that came out terry went thru the whole project and quoted $13,570.00 which I thought was hig BTW I graduated as an electrical engineer but I need it done. the first day they sent 2 guys that did not look license but this is normal for South Florida and no permits were pulled. The worked on the proposed contract the first day. The second time they came out the came to me at the end of the day with a invoice of time and material which is extra for $1,462.98 that is 2 men for 8.5 hours. Once I saw that this was in addition I called and told them I was not going to pay this and they never came back out. I used a credit card from capital one thinking I was safe but they were able to charge it I charged it back and they sent the information that they compete the work and denied the charge back. I am still fighting this with the credit card company still work on dock is not complete but left in poor condition and the owner does not even know that a permit was not pulled. WARNING THIS IS A SCAM they would have kept the proposal that was expensive anyway and done the work there would be no issue but to start adding time and material then the guy that came out to survey the job did not know what he was doing or this is the MO of the company I think it is the latter !!! a bunch of crooks ! I write this to warn people about this company and since they have my money and do not want to contact me I will post the truth on every website I can so other people to not get scammed !
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