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    www.SterlingBusinesses.com Nathan Alan Coombe

    Nathan Alan Coombe the owner and director of Sterling Businesses Ltd, Based in Torquay, Burne-Jones, Babbacombe, Torquay TQ1 3LY, Telephone number: 07875 226836 web address: www.sterlingbusinesses.com - Affiliate closed down businesses PSA Holdings LTD,

    Connected with Jordan James Snell, Sold amazon account for 3000 then later closed down the business without completing the sale. Refuses to answer the telephone and left our client 3000 out of pocket.

    We also have a number of clients who has also suffered in the same way as this customer. Client was led to believe that they was dealing with a honest company but then later found out that amazon accounts cant be transferred and was given guides from Jordan James Snell on how to '' stay off the grid '' Basically trading under someone else's name is #####

    Another Customer:

    To Trading Standards

    I purchased a business from Nathan Coombe from Sterling Businesses Ltd - Burne-Jones Babbcombe Cliff, Beach Road, Torquay, Devon, England, TQ1 3LY

    Under contract I was expecting a professionally designed PRO eBay store. The seller just setup a basic eBay shop without any design work and charged me 3800.00
    This wasn't what was agreed at point of sale and isn't what is agreed in the terms and conditions.
    After noticing that I have been scammed, I read the following contract again and reading up terms and conditions on certain websites and noticed I have been miss-sold.
    Payment was for trusted suppliers - My thoughts are suppliers which he has used before when it fact anyone can view the suppliers on google.com for free. Its the same list of suppliers being sold on eBay 0.99

    Please read through the sales agreement you will see its very different from what received:
    # Not all the 3000 suppliers accept drop shipping and this is what was meant to be sold to me.
    # The contract didn't mention anything about the rules of amazon when using drop ship suppliers.
    # I didn't get a pro shop on eBay - Nothing has been designed for me.
    # Contract mentioned - comes with the layered support - Never had any support and wasn't offered any.
    # The contract mentioned - The products on your website will be displayed in such a way that they look appealing - I have received nothing of a kind.
    # The contract mentioned - No hidden charges whatsoever to pay for this package. - Then after paying wanted me to pay for the hosting and domain name.
    # The contract mentioned - Then we will set up the eBay custom pro-shop - This hasn't been done.
    # The contract mentioned - and set up the Amazon account with you and give you all relevant login details - This hasn't been done, I had to do it.
    # Had no help with dealing with suppliers as mentioned in the contract.
    # From the advert to what has been sold to myself is misleading.
    # The contract mentioned - teach you about social media marketing - Received nothing. No Aftercare and no help whatsoever.
    # The contract mentions - manipulating listing on eBay - I have found out that this is breach of eBay terms and conditions.
    # The business isn't free hold - Its always owned by eBay.com INC,
    # The contract terms and conditions are also unfair!

    Dear Trading Standards this whole contract is void and misleading, Breaking 3rd party laws, Leading me down the garden Path.
    A small claims court has been filed on Nathan Alan Coombe on 30/10/2017 Claim number: D7QZ29JJ
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    Re: www.SterlingBusinesses.com Nathan Alan Coombe

    Dear Trading Standards

    I have been scammed by a company who sold me a amazon account which later on find out that its breach of terms and conditions to resell amazon accounts.
    I purchased this account thinking that I would be buying a business and was no way a fraud or scam.
    After recieving the login details I was shocked to see someone elses name attached to the amazon account. This company gave me a stealth guide on how not to get tracked by amazon trading under someone elses name.

    The contents of the email are as follows:
    Please find attached the contract for the Amazon account you wish to purchase.
    This will be a stealth account with "Amazon ghost" step by step videos to guide you through the stealth process.
    I know everything there is to know about being "Off the grid" in regards to online auction sites so any questions please let me know.
    Once the 50% has been deposited I will send you the Amazon guide to help you avoid getting banned and start selling again.
    Let me know once you have paid.
    Thank you,
    PSA Holdings Ltd
    The owners have taken all my money and since closed down the company and not answering the phone. I managed to speak to someone once but they said they dont have a clue who I am and that I have the wrong phone number.
    The owners of this company is Nathan Alan Coombe and Jordan James Snell, The company is called PSA Holdings LTD - They have closed that company down and now doing the same under a different company called Sterling Businesses LTD

    Under the criminal offences under the Fraud Act 2006 of dishonestly making a representation which is untrue or misleading where the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading and dishonestly failing to disclose to another person information which he is under a legal duty to disclose, both offences requiring the intention of making a gain or causing loss or risk of loss to another person (sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006)

    Damages for breach of an implied warranty of authority if he concludes a contract on behalf of the company but exceeds his authority in so doing and the company is therefore able to set the contract aside; or in relation to wrongful trading or fraudulent trading by the company under the Insolvency Act 1986

    I have lost 3000.00 to this company for missleading me and taken me down the garden path! This company has miss-sold me a business which is fraudulent.

    It is against the law to defraud customers and pocket the money and then close down the business and open a new one. I am happy to help you with this investigation.
    Small Claims court has been actioned today 01/11/2017

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    Re: www.SterlingBusinesses.com Nathan Alan Coombe

    Closed Down Companies - https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/c...07734/officers
    Connected to Jordan James Snell - https://www.google.co.uk/search?sour...an+James+Snell

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    View proof here!

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