Onaugust 13th 2017 Abe Croney from Evergreen Constructionand Remodels and his partner Aaron Larson from Larson Tower LLC stole3 homes that belong to families that were not rightfully theirs.
Therewas a tiny home company that both Abe Croney from EvergreenConstruction and Aaron Larson from Larson Tower LLC did an investmentdeal to help startup a tiny home business. For some reason, the tinyhome business was not doing well, but they made a deal to pay backAbe Croney and Aaron Larson over $30,000 and over $80,000 ofadditional collateral to help pay off the loan. Aaron Larson and AbeCroney lended this company $80,000 and received back $110,000 in cashand collateral.
Forsome reason this was not enough for these crooks. So on August 13th2017, the owner of this tiny house company left for church and AbeCroney and Aaron Larson look over $100,000 of additional collateralout of the yard without any court order or anything. Now they haveover $210,000 of cash and collateral that they never should havetaken. Police reports have been made and over 5 helpless families areleft homeless because these two criminals decide to take what theywant, even though they had more than their principle back from theirso called investment with this tiny home company.
Theynever did a court order to take the collateral, the owner said thatthey randomly came both times and took what they wanted.
Thesetwo dangerous men, Abe Croney from Evergreen Construction and AaronLarson from Larson Towers LLC have done a very serious criminal actby not abiding by legal government laws to repossess these homes incourt, but decide to illegally take action against this poor company.
Iam one of those victims of this tragedy and we were all against theowner of this tiny house company that was forced to go bankruptbecause of this. We now understand who truly ruined these familieslives and left many homeless because two foolish criminals Abe Croneyand Aaron Larson decide to take advantage of a poor young man thatbuilds tiny homes for families and these criminals decide to takewhat they want.
Ihope all who read this will stay away from Abe Croney at EvergreenConstruction and Remodel and Aaron Larson from Larson Towers.
Ifyou ever plan on doing business with these two criminals when itcomes to investing or construction, it is highly recommended to lookfor someone else who is more trustworthy. We hope the victims of thistragedy will be compensated for this and will look forward to seeingthese two men brought to justice and put behind bars.

Hereis the information in regards to these criminals

EvergreenConstruction and Remodels
14638Highfield Dr.
Herriman,UT 84096

LarsonTower Specialists LLC
9682North Redwood Rd.
Lehi,UT 84045