I got a series of calls from both

Charles Cyrill Mihalek


Charles Mihalek


Charles C Mihalek


Steven M McCauley

Steven Michael McCauley

They called from their office as listed by the previous callers above.

And from their homes “ambushing” me late in the evenings.

Somehow they got my name off of a plaintiff’s list for a class action medical lawsuit and were trying to pirate me to sign on with them.

When I refused they threatened to launch a frivolous lawsuit against both me and my husband saying it itself, although without merit, would bankrupt us (which it probably would, we are not rich).

Following from the complainants above we checked them out.

Evidently to hide they have changed their numbers to:

LOCAL: 859-233-1805

Toll Free: 800-294-9198

So Be advised of this.

We checked out these people and they are all slimy, not only is there the pedophilia thing (McCauley was arrested outside a Lexington, KY Hotel for soliciting a minor male for gay pedophilia) the daughter Jenna McCauley has had issues with drugs of various kinds.

All of this caused McCauley’s wife, Sonya Hugg, to leave him for another man.

We have reported all of this to the authorities.

Ann In Milwaukee

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