There are a group of crooks designed a series of traps to sell a large number of fake meteorites in the all world. They are mainly through ebay, Amazon,,,, and so on the world famous auction company to help them sell fake meteorite. I have get all these cheats to cheat the consumer's methods have all been told these auction companies. But these auction companies in order to make money, ignore my reminder. So I hope you can sue these auction companies.
The fraudulent means of these liars are very complicated and very clever. I will explain the details of their fraud in the following content.
They have two accomplices to help them sell fake meteorites.
They control the world's only meteorite classification and naming agency - the Meteoritical Society ( Through this body to create false information to deceive consumers.

I am in a year's time, every day through email to told ebay, Amazon,,,, and so on these world famous auction companies about these meteorite dealer fraud, hope They can stop helping these meteorite dealers to deceive consumers. But I did not receive any reply from these auction companies. These auction companies in order to obtain profits, ignore business ethics and law, to help meteorite dealers selling fake meteorites. They clearly know that these meteorite sold by the meteorite dealers have no proof of the document, also no third party organization (or individual) to provide security.only with the meteorite dealer "verbal" commitment to ensure its authenticity. But they in order to obtain high profits, These auction companies are regardless of the interests of consumers. Willing to act as the protector of these meteorite dealers. Without the active participation of these auction companies, meteorite dealers are unlikely to successfully sell such a large number of fake meteorites.

So I hope you can expose their fraud to protect the consumer. And on behalf of consumers to prosecute these auction company. For consumers to justice.
The following is a detailed description of my survey results and their way of defrauding consumers.

Interesting experiment
If I suspect the authenticity of a diamond, I just sent to the GIA (similar to the identification institutions have many ), anyone can spend very little money to know the truth. If I doubt the integrity of GIA, I can also find a number of similar identification agencies to do the same identification. I can know the truth by comparing their results. If any of these accreditation bodies lie, I can sue them because I have an identification report issued by them.
If you have purchased a meteorite on ebay, or have you found a meteorite, do you have a way to know the authenticity of it? The answer is that it is impossible.
In order to prove my conclusion above, I did some interesting experiments.

If you tell a meteorite dealer, you have purchased a meteorite on ebay and want them to help you judge the authenticity, and their answer is usually that they do not provide meteorite identification services.
If you tell a meteorite dealer, you find a meteorite and want to sell the meteorite to them, and they usually ask you to provide a photo. They see the photo usually tell you that your meteorite is false.

I asked a lot of meteorite dealers, their answers are surprisingly consistent. Let me doubt they are lying. In order to confirm my guess, I bought two meteorites on ebay, two different meteorite dealers. They are members of the IMCA.

I take pictures of these two new meteorites.Then I asked some meteorite dealers whether to buy my meteorite, the photo of the meteorite in the authenticity, but they all replied that the meteorite is fake.
In order to further confirm that they are lying, I show some pictures of the museum's meteorites to them, they also say that the meteorite in the photo is false.

Puzzling is that if the meteorite dealer claims that there is no ability to identify meteorites, then how do they guarantee the authenticity of their sales of meteorites it? For example, a meteorite dealer sells the NWA 11107 meteorite on ebay, and the meteorite does not have any certificate issued by any authority, and only the Meteoritical Society claims to have such a meteorite on their website. How do we know that the meteorite sold by the meteorite dealer is the NWA 11107 meteorite? The meteorite dealer since admitted that he did not have the ability to identify, then he was based on what ability to know that they sale of the meteorite was NWA 11107?

If meteorite dealers advertise they can identify meteorites, why do they make the museum's meteorite photos also judged as fake? If they did not lie, then it proved that they did not have the ability to identify meteorites. If they are lying, then prove their moral integrity problems. Since they can lie in this field, they will also lie in other areas. This shows that they are untrustworthy.

According to the current sales model of the meteorite dealer, anyone can find a piece of rock cut and then declare that the slice is part of the NWA 11107. This behavior is simply not at risk of risk. If anyone wants to sue him, he can say, "First of all I do not understand meteorite identification, I bought from someone else. Moreover, the sale of meteorites do not need a certificate." He can easily use this way avoid being punished.In the United States selling fake goods, the highest sentence is 10 years. but the sale of fake meteorites will not be subject to any punishment. Because the scientific community does not provide meteorite identification services to the public.(The next case will be discussed.You will know whether the scientific community is honest) The public has no way to prosecute meteorite dealers that sale fake meteorite.

Since the sale of fake meteorite without any risk, why not too many people involved in crime? I think the Americans generally have a sense of honor, they think it is immoral to get money by fraud. And meteorite dealers can happily engage in this industry, I think it may be their psychological ability to bear stronger, they are willing to try any means to make money.

More interesting experiment
Most people think that meteorite identification is a very easy thing. There are many organizations in the world also claim to help meteorite enthusiasts free identification of meteorites. Is that the case? If you find a meteorite or buy a meteorite, I can definitely tell you that you can not find a organizations in the world can help you identify meteorites, even if you are willing to pay the high cost is not OK.

If you use Google to search for meteorite identification, you will find some institutions to provide meteorite identification services (all free). But you send e-mail to them, they will not reply to your e-mail, no matter how many e-mails you send to them. Of course, these institutions include the Meteoritical Society, although they have on the website to let the public report the newly discovered meteorite and leave contact information.(
But they will never reply to any of your requests. I send an e-mail to them every day, have been sent to them for more than 200 consecutive days, but did not receive any of their reply. Since they are simply not interested in understanding the so-called "newly discovered meteorite", then why do you want to publish such a contact on the site? This is an integral part of a larger lie, and I will elaborate later.

But everything has the exception, I actually received a well-known organizations of the reply. University of California, Los Angeles Reply to me that can help me free identification of meteorites.they said: "If you would like me to see if the sample is a meteorite, you can send a small chip to me. I'll look at it and get back to you. If it is a meteorite and if it seems worthwhile to analyze, we can analyze it and classify it for $120.00 plus 20% of the sample or 20 grams (whichever is the lesser amount). But first things first -- if you want, send in a small piece, about the size of a U.S. Quarter and I'll look at it for you.."

This is really a Touching answer. But can they trust? American proverb, "There is no free lunch in the world." To confirm my suspicions,I mailed them to eight samples, which contained two meteorites that I had ever purchased on ebay.. Sure enough, I received their reply: "I received your samples this afternoon. Unfortunately, they are not meteorites. They appear to be stream pebbles of terrestrial igneous and metamorphic rocks.

This is really a very interesting result.
If the University of California does not lie, then IMCA members are selling fake meteorites on ebay. But the meteorite dealer please do not worry about , even if I know you are selling fake meteorites, I have no way to sue you because the University of California did not provide meteorite identification report, just "verbal" conclusion, so I have no "evidence" to prove that you sell The meteorite is fake, so you are safe. All the consumers are in the same situation as I am, and the meteorite dealer can sell fake meteorites at will. Moreover I think the University of California is more likely to lie, because after I and them more conversation, they find that I have a certain degree of understanding for meteorite , so they immediately terminated the conversation, And immediately returned my meteorite samples. (of course, they take the initiative to bear the cost of mail to me)
So I would like to ask the University of California to be assured that you are safe, and I have no evidence that you are lying, because you have not issued a certificate of authenticity, but have only promised "If you would like me to see if the sample is a meteorite, you can send a small chip to me. I'll look at it and get back to you. "
But I can be sure that there is no organization around the world to provide meteorite identification services.Whether you want to know whether the meteorite is true or false.No there is no organization to provide meteorite identification services,so then sell fake meteorite It is safe,it is like a society without a police, the crime is safe. Since the proceeds of crime are large, and will not be punished, why not do it?

So I think that dealers selling fake meteorites is reasonable, because the sale of fake meteorites will not be subject to any punishment, will inevitably lead somepeoples the sale of fake meteorites, then over time, those who do not sell fake meteorites will be eliminated. There will be only some dealer who sells fake meteorites on the market, so selling fake meteorites is obviously a clever act.

Unexpected experimental results
Dealers mean ------ a person or business that buys and sells goods.
Meteorite Dealers mean------ a person or business that buys and sells Meteorites.
As a meteorite dealer, his way of making money is to buy at low prices and then sell at high prices. This is his only way to make money, it is common sense. If a meteorite dealer sells only meteorites without purchasing any meteorites. This behavior is clearly contrary to common sense, people will doubt whether he is selling fake meteorite. Because the earth's rock is as much as air.
I have some meteorites intended to sell, so I first thought of those trustworthy meteorite dealers, because only Reliable meteorite dealer will sell real meteorites, then only they will buy into real meteorites.
The owner of this site recommended a lot of trustworthy meteorite dealers, please see

The following is one of the words:
If you are just beginning this hobby there are two places you can go in order to identify reputable dealers for buying meteorites. The first place is our dealer list at

These are dealers we know and trust and in most cases we have already made several meteorite purchases in the past and confirmed them as authentic from the listed dealer. We list both eBay stores and dealer websites - both of these are excellent sources for puchasing collection pieces.

This is really happy to find that there are so many trusted meteorite dealers. I think even if there are a few meteorite dealers may be due to inventory too much to temporarily stop buying new meteorites. But as long as my bid is very low, will certainly be able to impress most of the meteorite dealers. Who does not like cheap goods?

The unexpected situation is that although I contacted all the meteorite dealers in these lists, no matter how much I bid, they ALL refuse to buy. And even I propose to put my meteorites in them, until they will sell my meteorite and then pay me the cost, But they do not want to. This is really out of my expectation.
They refuse to buy meteorites in general using two methods.

The first case is usually to let you send a photo to them and then tell you the meteorite is false. This situation is easy to expose their scam. You just use a meteorite photos of museum . They will say that all the pictures are fake meteorite. This is a unique phenomenon of the meteorite sector. Whether it is meteorite dealers or university experts like to use photos to determine the true and false meteorite. I really can not find out, in this world, what kind of goods trading is through the photos to determine the authenticity of it. This from another point of view, these people simply do not intend to identify meteorites, just to deceive consumers or meteorite enthusiasts.

Meteorite Dealers Another refusal to buy meteorites is the excuse that they only buy has been classified and named meteorites.This reason seems reasonable. In fact, this is a very easy to be dismissed lies. Everyone knows that once the meteorite is classified and named, its price will increase many times. Why do not they buy cheap unclassified meteorites and then send them to the classification? As a meteorite dealer, they certainly know how to send meteorites to the classification and naming. For meteorite dealers, the purchase of unclassified meteorites is an excellent opportunity to make money. Why do they give up such a good opportunity to make money? Because since you can sell fake meteorites, why do you want to buy a real meteorite? Even if the real meteorite as long as 1 dollar. Earth rock need to buy it?

In this world can not find a meteorite dealer is willing to buy meteorites, No matter how much you bid. This is really a surprising conclusion. Just like in this world, you can not find aorganization can identify the meteorite. The question is, where are these trusted meteorite dealers getting meteorites? Even if they can find some meteorites in the desert, they should not Refuse the purchase of cheap meteorites. If only the individual meteorite dealers stop buying really meteorites,Maybe they have too much stock of meteorites., they temporarily stop buying really meteorites. And the entire industry all the meteorite dealers have stopped buying really meteorites, can only show that the whole industry are selling fake meteorites. Although people feel incredible, but also logical, because as long as there is a person to lead the sale of fake meteorite, it will inevitably lead to more people selling fake meteorite. And the sale of fake meteorite only a huge income and will not be any punishment, will naturally encourage more people to join the cause of selling fake meteorite, and not selling fake meteorite dealers will be eliminated. This is like, the Germans who support the persecution of the Jews will be rewarded by the Nazi government, however the Germans who oppose the persecution of the Jews will be punished immediately., then soon you will find that All the Germans became supportive of persecuting the Jews.

The most important experiment
Everyone in the meteorite world knows that both Sotheby's and Christie's and many more auction companies selling meteorites, or some peoples selling meteorites on ebay, they all follow the Meteoritical Society's classification criteria. Then the meteoritical Society of the classification criteria is fair will determine whether the meteorite trade is fair. This standard is like a Balance scales (The goddess of justice in the hands of the kind of holding).If the balance scale is forged,, then any meteorite transaction should be regarded as fraud.
The Meteoritical Society declared on their website "The Meteoritical Society records all known meteorites in its Meteoritical Bulletin". This is a very important commitment, because the price of meteorites is determined by its rarity, and the classification of the Meteoritical Society will directly affect the price of meteorites.
Does the classification of the Meteoritical Society be objective and true?
Meteorites impossible just fall on the playground of the university, so the Meteoritical Society must accept public to reports in order to classify all meteorites. The discovery of the vast majority of meteorites can only come from the public. The Meteoritical Society also publishes on its website the contact information for the public to report new meteorites. (Http://
For up to a year , I use the e-mail every day to report to the Meteoritical Society I found a new meteorite. I will change the address of an e-mail in a few days and replace the contents of the e-mail, but all report to them that a new meteorite is found. The purpose of doing so is to let them think it is another someone else found a new meteorite. For this I have registered hundreds of different email addresses. For example, xxx @; [email protected]; xxx @ aol; [email protected]; [email protected];and many more. I sent a total of thousands of e-mails to them. This is to simulate there have hundreds of people who have discovered new meteorites and want reporte to them . But I did not receive any response from the Meteoritical Society. In other words, there have hundreds of people to want report to them to discover new meteorites, but no one get the Meteoritical Society any reply. This can be deduced that other people in the world have reported to them that new meteorites have been found , they will also impossible get any reply from the Meteoritical Society.
The Meteoritical Society impossible know that these emails are sent by a person to them. if I have not received any reply from the Meteoritical Society, which only means that they simply do not intend to accept the public's report. Since they do not intend to accept public reports, then they simply do not intend to classify the new meteorites that discover by public . Also proved that they are only classify that they are willing to classify of the meteorites. Also proved that they called "The Meteoritical Society records all known meteorites in its Meteoritical Bulletin" is lying! All people thought that the classification of the Meteoritical Society should be just like the financial statements that based on the objective data.In fact it is like a fairy tale booked by imagination . How incredible it is! Meteorite trading standards turned out to be forged. I have never seen so many liars in which industry. Any organization or crowd, which must have some bad guys, but there also must be have some good peoples. But the meteorite sector is an exception, I find almost everyone is lying. It made me very surprised.
But from another point of view to think, and even the classification of the Meteoritical Society they also dare to fake, then everyone is lying is not surprising.
If the classification of the Meteoritical Society is only an academic act, it only affects scientific research. However, all the meteorite transactions are carried out according to their classification, which involves the interests of money. If they publish fake classified information, this behavior is similar to the listed company that publish false information and mislead investors.
The publication of false information by listed companies is a very serious crime. This kind of behavior seriously disrupted the normal order of the securities market, so that the interests of investors suffered losses, so the United States in criminal law also to regulate such crimes. Article 24 of the Securities Act of 1933 of the United States provides that any person who intentionally violates the rules enacted by this Law or the Securities and Exchange Commission, makes false statements in the registration documents, omits important facts or misleads, will be sentenced to five years imprisonment or $ 100,000 The following fine, or both. The Securities Act of 1934 raised the statutory term and increased the penalty. Article 32 (A) provides that a breach of information disclosure shall be punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of less than $ 1 million, or both. The 2002 Corporate Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 (also known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, referred to as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act). The maximum penalty for the conduct of securities fraud, including false disclosure, may be 25 years, and the maximum penalty for companies and individuals guilty of fraud is $ 25 million and $ 5 million respectively.
If the jury thinks that the Meteoritical Society's publication of false information is similar to the behavior of listed companies issuing false information, what is the penalty for the Meteoritical Society?

Is it stupid or greedy?
I used to see a news, there are several tramp broke into a convenience store in the evening, after eating and drinking, they suddenly had an idea, they intend to empty the drinks, and then sell the drink bottle to waste material acquisition station .
Several people busy for a night until the second day the staff found then told the police . I have always suspected that this is a fake news, in this world there are such stupid persons?In order to sell empty beverages bottle they'd rather pour the drink into the sewer? Why they do not steal the drink, and then take out to sell? In fact, they are not stupid but greedy. Because the unknown drink is difficult to sell, and the beverage bottle can be easily sold. These people find that there is nothing in the store that can be stolen, and the beverage bottle is the most easy to sell their items, So they at the expense of the drink , in order to sell the beverage bottle.
The world's meteorite trading volume at least every year in more than 50,000, There are many meteorites if the Meteoritical Society, like the GIA in diamond sales, provides identification grading services to each intended meteorite and provides an identification certificate. According to an average charge of $ 200 per certificate. The Meteoritical Society earns more than $ 10 million in revenue each year. This is a legitimate huge income, the Meteoritical Society why give up this opportunity to make money? Are they so rich, so they do not care about this income?
Annual dues collected by the Meteoritical Society are about $ 50,000. This is a puzzling phenomenon. On the one hand the Meteoritical Society give up a huge amount of legal income not. The other party is doing illegal things, would rather publish false information on the site nor to provide the meteorite identification services for public. the Meteoritical Society is a big fool ? The tramp into the convenience store are still able to do to maximize their own interests, not to mention those peoples of the Meteoritical Society. They are smart too much than the tramp.
So what's going on? The answer is very simple if the Meteoritical Society imitates the GIA to provide meteorite identification grading services, fake meteorites will immediately disappear all over the world! Who would like buy a meteorite without a certificate? Moreover, this certificate is simply can not be forged. the meteorites Society as long as put the meteorite high-definition photos on their website can put an end to any fake meteorite. Who can fake a rock in accordance with a photo?
At present, as long as the meteorite dealer claims that he is selling a Classified meteorites,then they can openly sell fake meteorite. If the certificate is given to each meteorite, it will obviously hurt the interests of some people who sell fake meteorites. So the Meteoritical Society would rather to destroy the reputation of the entire meteorite industry, also want to protection those who sell fake meteorite . So we will see the Meteoritical Society give up for more than 10 million US dollars / year income , but also nor to the public to provide meteorite identification grading services. Obviously sale fake meteorite is very profitable!
Lenin once said, "The capitalists are too greedy. The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." This is a true portrayal of the Meteoritical Society. the meteorites Society is too greedy, in order to sell fake meteorites and would rather destroy the entire meteorite industry.

The Meteoritical Society is a credible organization?
A credible organization should have the following characteristics. 1. Open and transparent; 2. Rights should be constrained. 3. they should be able to accept the question of others, and they should explain and defend for own behavior;
In accordance with the above requirements, the United States court is credible.
A, the United States court is completely open and transparent. We all know who the judge is;and we also knows who the jurors are; and who we know who the prosecutor is and we knows who is the lawyer. We certainly know what the content of trial is; and what is the basis of the judgment.
B, the rights of the United States courts are subject to different aspects. Judges and juries are mutually constrained. Prosecutors and lawyers are mutually constrained. The process of trial is carried out in strict accordance with established procedures.The judgment is also carried out in accordance with the law.
C, any judgment of the United States court is the result of an open debate. The judge's verdict will tell the defendant what the basis is. If the two sides are not satisfied with the verdict, you can appeal. Even if the above is dismissed, the court will also explain to the parties in detail the reasons. So the American court is a trustworthy organization.

The Meteoritical Society is a trustworthy organization?
The Meteoritical Society is exactly the opposite of the American court's character.
A,The Meteoritical Society is completely opaque. We do not know what people are naming and classifications meteorites . We do not know what these people are through what the procedures to master the right to classify meteorites. We do not know how to apply for classification a meteorites. We do not know what they are based on what procedure to naming meteorites. We do not know what the rules they follow to classify meteorites. Everything for them is top secret.
B, there is no organization in the world that resembles the Meteoritical Society. So they completely monopolized the classification and naming of meteorites. They did not come from the constraints of competitors. The right to classify meteorites also is not subject to any external laws. They classify meteorites just to publish a result on their website. They did not offer any legally binding report. There is also no department within the Meteoritical Society that oversees their work. The Meteoritical Society has the absolute right and authority to classify meteorites. They are not subject to any form of supervision and control.
C, the Meteoritical Society does not accept any complaints. They did not set up a department to accept complaints. They also do not explain any of their classification results. They also do not respond to any request for classification by the public. They certainly do not reply that the public questioning their classification results. We do not even know how to ask them to classify our meteorites. I sent them a few thousand e-mail requests to classify meteorites and did not receive any of their responses. (Laura Atkins, can you tell me how you succeeded in classifying your meteorites? Is it necessary to keep it confidential? It's like I asked you where you bought a hamburgers. Does that need to be kept secret?)
The Meteoritical Society compared to the United States court, the Meteoritical Society is completely opaque. The Meteoritical Society is not subject to any restriction, both internally and externally. "The Meteoritical Society" does not make any explanation for doubt of public. So the the Meteoritical Society is completely an organization without any credibility. Since this is a meteorite classification standard provided by an organization that has no credibility at all, why is it accepted by all the auction companies and meteorite dealers? The laws of the worlds do not require the sale of meteorites must according to the standard made by the Meteoritical Society.
The answer is very simple, the Meteoritical Society classification model is very suitable for being used to sell fake meteorites. For example, a NWA 11107 meteorite sold on ebay, consumers will mistake that such meteorite has identified by the Meteoritical Society. Actually the Meteoritical Society only told you that there is A type of meteorite called NWA 11107. There may be millions of NWA 11107 meteorites in the worlds. Anyone can advertise his sale of the meteorite is NWA 11107.
So as long as you are willing to shameless, anyone can be very happy in the meteorite sector.

Does the Meteoritical Society have the value of being there?
A government that serves the people should have the following three characteristics. As President Lincoln has said, "government of the people, by the people, and for the people". The US government has all these three characteristics, so the US government is a government that serves the people.
An organization that provides services to consumers should also have the above three characteristics. GIA is such an organization.
The following is Wikipedia's discussion of GIA:
"The story of the GIA starts back in the 1920s with a man named Robert M. Shipley. Shipley had been enjoying a successful career as a jeweler, but was coming to realize the unfortunate state of the gem and jewelry industry: a typical jeweler in the US, himself included, had a surprising lack of expertise when it came to jewelry and precious stones. He therefore took it upon himself to bring change to the jewelers trade, and restore the publics trust therein."
Please note these two priorities. A;This organization is created by a jewelry dealer. Shipley had been enjoying a successful career as a jewelerB;The reason he created GIA was:but was coming to realize the unfortunate state of the gem and jewelry industry

If the GIA and the Meteoritical Society contrast, we will find, GIA born for the jewelry transactions. GIA has founded by a jewelry dealer and subject by consumer supervision. And the Meteoritical Society is not subject to the control and supervision of any meteorite dealer (or consumer). Of particular importance is that GIA is an organization that is providing jewelry identification services to all consumers. Regardless of the nationality of the consumer, age, race, sex, and so on. As long as consumers make requests and pay fees, GIA can provide consumers with efficient and impartial jewelry identification services. And the Meteoritical Society does not provide any meteorite identification services to the public. (No matter how much you are willing to pay) an organization that is not subject to any regulation, nor does it have any credibility, nor does it provide any meteorite identification services to the public,but has become the standard for meteorite trading. This is really a very funny phenomenon!

If you compare the Meteoritical Society to a government, you will find that the Meteoritical Society is very much like a rogue government ruled by tyrants. He only to obtain from the people, but do not provide any services. But the Meteoritical Society is worse than the rogue government ruled by tyrants. If the Meteoritical Society simply does not provide meteorite identification services , then the harm will be much smaller. But the Meteoritical Society, in order to help some meteorite dealers sell fake meteorites, deliberately spread false meteorite identification information to deceive consumers, and at the same time extortion those who sell fake meteorite meteorite dealers. So they will be classified and named a few meteorites each year, deliberately give the public an illusion, they are still providing meteorite identification services.Just as the tyrant's greatest contribution to mankind is their own death. So the Meteoritical Society greatest contribution to the meteorite community is that they immediately stop publishing false information on their website and announce that they simply do not provide meteorite identification services to the public.

Is the meteorite dealer the slaves of the Meteoritical Society?
In the decades before the American Civil War, the biggest argument between the north and the south was that the south thought that who was real a slave? they think the workers in the north are slaves, and these workers are slaves for wage . How can a person who earns wages are a Free man? Black are here though slaves, but we are a family ah. You look at their two couples, the wife is our wife from childhood mate, men sometimes have several generations, catch the carriage, tube housekeeping, we are a family, we are family relationship. the workers in the north are slaves, and these workers are slaves for wage ! So, before the Civil War is a very important argument is that the North workers or the South of the black, who is the slave? Who is free man? In fact, this question is very easy to answer, whether it is workers or blacks, who have the right to CHOOSE to leave, who is free people. No matter how good others are to me, If i have no right to choose to leave,, I am the slave. Like the movie "The Truman Show", everyone is good to Truman Burbank, but Truman Burbank is a slave. Because Truman has no right to choose. His life is arranged by others,he has no right to choose what kind of life he should have.

If meteorite dealers intend to sell real meteorites, then they must be attached to the Meteoritical Society and become their slaves. Because consumers do not have the ability to identify meteorites, and the world's only meteorite classification and naming organization is the Meteoritical Society. And consumers want to buy meteorites can only refer to the Meteoritical Society classification criteria. Since consumers can only buy meteorites classified by the Meteoritical Society, meteorite dealers have had to ask the Meteoritical Society to classify the meteorites they purchased (or found). And the Meteoritical Society has the right to ignore such a request. That is, they have the right to classify only the meteorites they are willing to classify. They also have the right to classify meteorites according to their timetable, and if they wish they can spend 100 years to classify a meteorite; of course they can also complete the classification work in a day. They have absolute rights. So the meteorite dealer will fall into a dependency on the Meteoritical Society. Meteorite dealers have no right to choose unless they intend to give up sales of meteorites. Then anyone who plans to sell meteorites will inevitably become slaves of the Meteoritical Society. Because they are like slaves have no right to choose, regardless of whether the Meteoritical Society treats them as friendly or unfriendly.

If the meteorite dealer intends to sell fake meteorites, can it avoid to be the slaves of the Meteoritical Society? Under the existing system, the Meteoritical Society is the only judge of the meteorite. They can use this advantage to arbitrarily extort anybody. If you intend to sell really meteorites, then you have to apple-polish and bribe them. If you are going to sell fake meteorites, you still have to bribe them. Because they have absolute authority. if they claim you sell meteorites that are not their classified and named meteorites. Even if you sell is really meteorite, they can also be said to be false.So only they agree the meteorite dealer so can to sell meteorites. As for these meteorite is real or fake, It does not matter. the most important is only certified by the Meteoritical Society the dealers so can sell their meteorites. So even if the meteorite dealer intends to sell fake meteorites, will inevitably become slaves of the Meteoritical Society .

But the status of meteorite dealers than slaves but also miserable, the following is "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain 《Chapter 16》)" in a section.
Jim talked out loud all the time while I was talking to myself. He was saying how the first thing he would do when he got to a free State he would go to saving up money and never spend a single cent, and when he got enough he would buy his wife, which was owned on a farm close to where Miss Watson lived; and then they would both work to buy the two children, and if their master wouldn't sell them, they'd get an Ab'litionist to go and steal them.

Jim still has the opportunity to escape to the free place, and then through hard work to make money, and save his family out. But Meteorite dealers have not this opportunity, because the Meteoritical Society has monopolized the world's meteorite classification and naming. For the meteorite trade, there is no freedom anywhere in the world!

The Meteoritical Society is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing from Aesop Fables
A Wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs. But one day it found the skin of a sheep that had been flayed and thrown aside, so it put it on over its own pelt and strolled down among the sheep. The Lamb that belonged to the sheep, whose skin the Wolf was wearing, began to follow the Wolf in the Sheep's clothing; so, leading the Lamb a little apart, he soon made a meal off her, and for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, and enjoying hearty meals. Appearances are deceptive.

Since the founding of the United States, they have been many opportunities to occupy and enslave the world . Especially in the late World War II, the United States took the lead made out atomic bombs. If the American people Willing to imitate the Mongols, they would be able to realize the dream of Genghis Khan - Occupy the whole world and enslave the people.In history, countless tyrants have this ideal, but they do not have this opportunity. While the United States has many such opportunities. Especially the United States have the atomic bomb, the United States can at a very small cost to occupy the world. Why did the American people not take advantage of these opportunities? Because the United States is a country that pursues fairness and justice, the American people are reluctant to rely on enslavement to win a happy life.
Every generation of Americans are tirelessly pursuing justice, so that the United States won the trust of the world. Because the Meteoritical Society is registered in the United States and has been in existence for 84 years, meteorite consumers around the world believe that the Meteoritical Society is as trustworthy as the American people. Imagine if the Meteoritical Society is registered in North Korea, will someone trust the Meteoritical Society?

The US government should be one of the cleanest governments in the world. So people tend to think that the US government will be able to implement the laws of the United States well. And the United States law attaches great importance to the maintenance of free competition, and crack down on monopolies. On the FTC website (, you can see this text. :OUR MISSION Working to protect consumers by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices, enhancing informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process, and accomplishing this without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.
In fact, the Meteoritical Society not only monopolized the meteorite classification and naming of the United States, but also monopolized the world's meteorite classification and naming. the Meteoritical Society has become the core of the meteorite trade, and if the behavior of the Meteoritical Society is unjust, then the whole meteorite trade must be unjust. If the Meteoritical Society is dishonest, then the whole meteorite community has to lie.

When the meteorites Society was founded, meteorites were of no commercial value. People reported the discovery of meteorites, just as the report saw a lightning. To be sure, people who report the discovery of meteorites, or who record the meteorite, are not lying. So there is no need to make any supervision of the Meteoritical Society. And now, the value of meteorites has undergone tremendous changes, The price of the meteorite is calculated on a per gram basis, not per tonne. As the Meteoritical Society has been able to have a decisive impact on the meteorite trade,so this influence involves a huge commercial interest. In this case, the Meteoritical Society is still not subject to any external and internal supervision.
However, in the ordinary meteorite lovers view,The Meteoritical Society is still a respected academic organization. In fact, under the temptation of huge money interests, the Meteoritical Society has evolved into a commercial tool. Interestingly, if the Meteoritical Society is a normal monopolistic business organization, they damage to the meteorite trade is limited, and the worst case is that the Meteoritical Society charges higher than the market price. It is a pity that the Meteoritical Society has become a monster. At present the meteoritical Society is neither a normal academic institution nor a normal business organization. If the Meteoritical Society becomes a purely commercial organization, the Meteoritical Society will meet all service requests and charges, as the GIA is doing. If the Meteoritical Society is a purely academic institution, then the Meteoritical Society should keep their classified information confidential. To avoid intervention in meteorite transactions. Or at least the disclosure of information is correct, the classification process is transparent. however, the Meteoritical Society is reluctant to provide services to the public and to undertake appropriate legal obligations. just want to get the benefits from the meteorite trade. The result is that the Meteoritical Society itself has not made a huge benefit from the meteorite trade, but has successfully used its influence to disrupt the normal operation of the meteorite trade. the Meteoritical Society to meteorite trade has a decisive influence, but do not have any legal responsibility, also not subject to any regulatory organization, will inevitably be use by a small number of powerful people to seek their own interests.

So the "profit" of some of the people in the Meteoritical Society is in fact to sacrifice the reputation of the American people, corrupt the US government's credit, and use the reputation of most scientists in the Meteoritical Society. So that the Meteoritical Society is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is essentially a thief who relies on the theft of someone else's credit to live.

The Meteoritical Society is a rogue organization
Why do you need to get a marriage certificate from the government for your marriage? you have sworn allegiance in front of God, why still necessary to get a marriage certificate?
Of course it is necessary, it is with two meanings. A, to receive a marriage certificate, means that both of your commitment will be subject to legal supervision. B, anyone may be to lie, though you have sworn allegiance in front of God, but God's punishment does not appear immediately, or can not determine whether it is from God. And the punishment of the law is clear and effective immediately.
So the vast majority of marriage is to apply for a marriage certificate to the government. Only the liar will keep telling you how he loves you, But he avoided marrying with you. So that he can enjoy the right without any obligation. Such people are rogues.
GIA provides the public with a diamond identification service and provides an identification certificate to the consumer, which means that the services provided by GIA to the consumer are true and are willing to be subject to legal supervision. So it is people who have confidence in the GIA certificate, because it is people who have confidence in the laws of the United States. Consumers have GIA issued by the identification certificate, if the GIA lie, consumers can easily prosecute GIA, GIA will face huge compensation and fine. So all diamonds with GIA certificates can be accepted by people around the world. or even a diamonds with GIA certificates can mortgage to the bank. So that the diamond with GIA certificate has the nature of money.
Then meteorite? Although meteorites just as diamonds are also rare, the meteorite's credit is far less than diamonds, because the authenticity of the meteorite is not protected by US law. as the diamond dealer is a group of honest people, in order to ensure that consumers buy every diamond is true, they set up GIA, so that each diamond are subject to US law protection. Of course, they are also for themselves, because they know that by the American law to protect the diamond, consumers will have the courage to buy. Diamond protected by US law is more valuable. Imagine, on this planet, which organization's credit can exceed the US judicial system?GIA founder is really too smart, on the surface for each diamond are issued a certificate is benefit to consumers, in essence, is more favorable to the seller. They cleverly use the American judicial system to guarantee credit of their goods .
Niccol Machiavelli in his 《the prince and the discourses》 said: "Because thereare three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself;another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third whichneither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first isthe most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless. " GIA's founder is clearly the first class of people; those jewelry dealer who support him is the second category; and those who oppose him, is clearly the third category ----"useless"
let us see the meteorite community, the Meteoritical Society in order to maintain its monopoly position, and then extort meteorite dealers, deliberately maintain this absurd meteorite classification and naming system. they also want to help some meteorite dealers to selling fake meteorites ,so they deliberately to created the chaos identified by meteorites and succeeded in escaping by US law, but at the same time all the meteorites lost the protection by American law,as they such stupid and greedy behavior .This situation is a heavy blow to those who want to sell a true meteorite.
The meteorites Society only classifies and names meteorites, but does not produce any certificates to prove that the meteorite is classified and named by them.the Meteoritical Society behavior is like a Rich playboy only through false promises to coax women, but do not want to bear the obligation to get married. They are through this hooliganism to avoid legal supervision and sanctions. The Similarity of the Meteoritical Society and the rogue is that it all intends to obtain the benefits through false promises, but is reluctant to provide written guarantees of any of his commitments and to be subject to US law supervision and punishment. So, the Meteoritical Society is a rogue organization.
Different situation is that the deceived woman are still having the opportunity to find true love and marry themselves. And the meteorite dealer is not so lucky, even if they know that the Meteoritical Society is a liar, they have to coming on to the Meteoritical Society, because the Meteoritical Society has monopolized the classification and naming of meteorites, so they no choice. They can only show strong smile in front of the Meteoritical Society.The meteorite dealer is essentially the Sex slaves of the Meteoritical Society. Because ordinary slaves do not need show a strong smile to the slave owners.