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    Online retail fashion - iltoscanaccio.com

    Iltoscanaccio.com claims to sell a range of men's and women's fashions and accessories, including bags, shoes, etc. There is no indication of their location on their website, nor any phone or e-mail contact. There is just a generic contact form with replies coming from john@best-savings.net.

    i ordered a pair of shoes from their site before I knew they were based in China. (Thankfully I have purchase and dispute protection with the credit card I used). When my package arrived about a week or so later - crushed I might add - I opened it to find a pair of shoes I had never ordered. They were not even close to what I had ordered, although I did notice they were the right size. The heels of the shoes were crushed in from where the package had been dented.

    I replied to my order confirmation explaining that I did not receive what I had ordered and I provided photos. John@best-savings.net wrote back saying "they had prepared the correct pair of shoes for me, but the express company mixed them up and I got someone else's shoes". Yeah, right. "John" told me that since it would be too expensive to ship them back, I should just keep them. I could then reorder the shoes I wanted and they'd give me a 30% discount.

    I told them that since the mistake was their fault and they did not want the shoes back, they should send the correct shoes immediately. What followed was a weeklong exchange of once daily emails with "John" just parroting the same ridiculous suggestion and refusing to ship the correct item or offering me a full refund. After a week of this silliness I reported the whole incident to my CC company and other authorities.

    Do do not buy anything from the iltoscanaccio.com website or do business with anyone from the john@best-savings.net. They are scammers!

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    Re: Online retail fashion - iltoscanaccio.com

    Such an awful story! I think you are really unlucky( If you want to prevent such a situation you should better order on https://www.lilylulufashion.com/ I have bought there some clothes lately and their quality is really worthy. Apart from this, there are no problems with dispute protection.

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