from: IMF AUTHORITY< [email protected]>
reply-to: IMF AUTHORITY < [email protected]>
date: Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 5:02 AM
subject: International Monetary Fund

International Monetary Fund

Attention Beneficiary.
I am Mr Louis Marc Ducharme IMF Managing Directors, i use these opportunity to inform you, first. i will advice you to stop any further communication with any body that will lie and said he is Police official, Secretary, director, manager, agent, Lawyer or engineer, from this Country Cotonou Benin Republic West Africa, and lie to you that he has fund in your Name to send to you through Western union, Money gram, Courier company or Bank to bank Transfer the person is lie, they are those wanted people that the police are looking for, we the IMF AUTHORITY has diverted your Compensation fund $2.5 Million dollars to the world Bank due to the fund is not having the International Monetary fund Certificate that covered up the fund.

Note, Our duty here is to secure any fund that will move from One country to another to avoid illegal transaction due to all this frauds starts that is moving all over the world today, for your information we are not demanding any Money for security fees, Transfer charge or Delivery charge, all we need is the International Monetary fund Certificate that covered up the fund $2.5 Million dollars, I myself will other the World Bank to release your fund direct to you as soon as you feed us with the IMF CERT, Yes, you have every option to get the Certificate in any were with the Original signature and stamp, but. please do not give us any fake Certificate because i know the Bank were the fund came from and the name of the Director In charge, please to avoid confiscating the fund.

If you want us to get the IMF CERTIFICATE for you i will get it first and send to you before the fund will be release to you, Note, we have demanded from the Bank all the legal back up that proof the fund that is no way related with drug nor fraud money and the Bank has send it to us and is in our system here, so the reason why we are still holding the fund is because the IMF CERTIFICATE is not among those Certificate the bank send in our system, so to get the IMF CERTIFICATE for you here will cost you little amount of money due to you have other legal back up Certificate.

Mr Louis Marc Ducharme
IMF Managing Director