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Thread: Very urgent

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    Very urgent

    from: Mr Kalala< mrkalalangombo@webmail.co.za>
    date: Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 6:01 AM
    subject: VERY URGENT ATTENTION. ()

    I must assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free and all I ask for is your honest and sincere especially when the funds goes to your private or company’s bank account for disbursement and investment respectively. My name is Kalala Ngombo from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) residing temporally here in Johannesburg, South Africa as an asylum seeker (Refugee) with limited rights in many areas of my life. The financial laws in South Africa on refugees do not allow me to operate a bank account, cannot take up employment or involve in any business investment with huge amount of money. In view of that your full involvement in this regard is needed so that the transfer of the funds can be made in your name as the beneficiary and my family foreign partner according to my family Attorney.

    Secondly, I would like you to handle this transaction like your own personal business so that there will not be any loop-hole and the transfer will go smooth and successful without any hitch. More importantly is your honest and trust worthy when the final transfer is made as you are aware that this fund is our only hope of survival as my father who is the bread winner to my family is no more. I have just discussed with my Mother and she asked me to go ahead and email you details and discuss with my family Attorney for further information and procedures.

    Therefore, in order to update you with the procedures on how the transfer will be concluded in your name, kindly contact my family Attorney who knows the monetary regulations in South Africa. Below are his
    names and contact details.

    TEL: 00 27 74 324 0702
    EMAIL: solo_dube02@yahoo.co.za

    kindly contacts him immediately and arranges on how the transfer of the funds will be made in your name and get back to me with details of your communication with him. Send me your mobile telephone number for our easy communication. Remember to keep the transaction confidential to yourself due to my condition of stay here in South Africa.

    Thanking you for your kind cooperation.

    Truly yours,
    Kalala Ngombo (Son)
    For The Family.
    Tel: 00 27 61 289 4024
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