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date: Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 6:01 PM
subject: Call/Text (636) 334-6521

Western Union Headquarters
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Congratulations! Dear Customer,

I am Robert D. Brooks from Western Union Money Transfer and I am writing to inform you that during our annual ongoing #WINWITH WU CUSTOMER'S PRIZE AWARD which is a program we do run for all our customers Worldwide annually, we discovered that your email was among one of our lucky winning customers. Perhaps, WesternUnion provides exciting offers and promotions to our valued and esteemed customers on annual basis & WesternUnion has been in collaboration with so many companies in support of this #WITHWITHWU Anuual BONUS PROMO.

Furthermore, WesternUnion has been offering it's esteemed and valuable customers in the recent times a chance to win exciting prizes such as, Cash prizes, equipments, chances to win a trip to any Country of a customer's choice and lots more. This has made us to also realize a lot of essential qualities about our Worldwide customers and it's an opportunity to also prove to customers that has been using our services for the long while that it hasn't been in vain.

Below is a link proof of one of my female customer friend that got her recently;!

Moreover, we know this FIRM'S name has been so used by internet fraudsters to 'SCAM' innocent citizens and extort money from various people around the globe and that's why we want to officially launch this code of conduct in order to help all our customers to be automatically alert and to report any suspected phishing scam email they receive using our company/firm's name and logo. The code of conduct to use in recognizing our E-mails/SMS/Call is: #WINWITHWU2017

Therefore, kindly reconfirm your information as requested below to avoid errors in transaction:

Full Name:
Telephone Number:

Finally, many of our customers around the globe are been advised to cooperate with us to enable us have a successful program for this year's annual Bonus as we work together to run a successful annual PRIZE AWARD!

Thank you for using our services.

Kind regards,
Robert D. Brooks
Western Union Money Transfer®

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