from: Dr.Lakewood < [email protected]>
to: <>
date: Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 3:53 AM

Dear Sir

I acknowledged the receipt of your message and the content was comprehended and appreciated. I wish to let you know that I have been busy visiting the High Court of Justice Portland USA, to verify the actual cost of obtaining the Change of Ownership Document/ Power of Attorney to enable the Prudential Finance Company to release the funds to you without any further delay.

I was made to understand in the High Court of Justice Eugene ,Oregon USA, that the cost of obtaining the said documentation is $980. According to the officer in the Ministry, he made me to understand that the issuance of the document will take only 24hours immediately the payment is being made by you.

To obtain the document you are requested to forward the following details;

{1} Your Full Names
{2}Your Contact Address

Once the documents are obtained from the High Court of Justice , a copy of it will be forwarded to the Finance Company to enable them release the total funds to you.

To speed up this process, I will request you to kindly send the money through Western Union for easy collection to enable me immediately obtain the documents from the High Court of Justice on your behalf.

Below is my secretary’s payment information through Western Union

Name: Wanda Hewer
Address: Eugene, Oregon USA
Amount $980

I urge you to send the payment confirmation when the payment is being made including the MTCN so as for me to proceed to obtain the documents in your favor.

Best Regards
Barr George Lakewood