from: Mr.Emeka Daniel < [email protected]>
reply-to: "Mr.Emeka Daniel" < [email protected]>
date: Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 6:53 AM


The Federal Bureau Of Investigation is just trying to make you understand that you most finish the process with (Mr.Emeka Daniel From I.M.F United States Office.) within 3 working days to get your money to you.
From the information we received here in our office, you are required to go ahead and send them their required amount which is the only hitch to the finalization of the transaction you have with him.

Then after (3) working days from Today , your money will be delivered as scheduled from our investigations.You are required to receive your money once the delivery of their required fee is made by you.
ASSURANCE : From our investigation and final conclusion with (Mr.Emeka Daniel) From I.M.F United States Office.your transfer is to be made within two (2) working days, or you will be arrested.Therefore, you are also required to keep us updated as soon as you finalizes with him.

Note that if the requested transaction must finish between 3 days which is the deadline days given to you, we would have to radio you local Police Authority to inform them about this and also fax them a guaranteed for your arrest which would be effectively made and also you would have to be charged for Money Laundry which is punishable under Article 13 of Section 10 9 on the US Constitutional Law. Investigated and we have assured you that you should stop any other transaction and finish with (Mr.Emeka Daniel from I.M.F United States Office.)

Thanks and hope to read from you soon.

Signed by, Andrew McCabe