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    Tyson Zahner Is A Hypocritical Shitbag

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    I still can't stand this scamming slimeball...

    Yo Tyson - I find it funny how you use the ad hominem method to passively attack Ethan Vanderbuilt and his website. Then, you turn around a buy ads on YouTube promoting your bullshit leads system to sell your Me-Too formula-to-success webinars.

    You're a hypocrite, bitch. You talk about Ethan trolling for money with his website, and here you are on YouTube with your "Network Marketers 3 Biggest Mistakes" ad. What about what you're doing with your website?

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    The network marketing bullshit falsehoods continue...

    Isn't "jointyson.com" trying to generate revenue too? All the shit you accuse Ethan of you are openly doing! You trying to be the next Christopher Terry? Doing webinars from your kitchen? You are the lowest as they come, Scumbag Zahner.

    I had nothing against you personally, but now I see that you're just a desperate shitbag trying to capitalize off of people who know little to nothing about business. You don't have the golden nugget to marketing success. You're just pushing a leads scam on people.

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    No mercy or compassion for this dishonest dirt sandwich.

    I hope you get your ass handed to you by the FTC like Troy Dooly did. You deserve everything that's coming to you, you lying shitbag con man. You already lied about your tax returns. Who will pay for your shitty webinar classes?

    You're going down, Scumbag Zahner. FUCK YOU.

    Other Dishonest Shitbags who scam people for money online:
    Elijah Johnson (DeLorean the fake R&B singer)
    Eric Turner (Seemore Green)
    Gregory Perdriel (Kash Iz King)
    Damar Lumpkin (TeamCashedOut)
    Rodney Walker (MCA scammer extraordinaire)
    Matthew Alleyne (holy shit, this guy)
    Justice Eagan (Oh my god, another one...)
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