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Thread: eBay Scam

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    eBay Scam

    An eBay Seller scammed me out of $450.00 and eBay will not take responsibility or refund my money even though I sent them proof of e-mails and payment.
    On 8/22/17 I logged onto my eBay account to search for a new iPhone. I found an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rose Gold (factory unlocked) for $450 buy now or bid in the auction. Since it was a great deal, I decided to buy it now. I was then e-mailed a confirmation from eBay@checkoutsupport.com stating that I was approved to buy this eBay item case id # US686435342 money back guaranteed. I then tried to purchase it using my pay pal account and the seller stated that they prefer to be paid with an eBay gift card since it guarantees both the seller and the buyer under eBay protection. So, I then purchased the eBay gift card and proceeded with instruction from my original confirmation e-mail. I was told to use eBay Live Chat in the invoice received. I called the eBay Live Chat and spoke to an eBay representative and they helped me to complete this purchase. They asked me to take a photo of the back of my gift card along with the receipt from where I bought the card, to validate my payment. Then to e-mail eBay@checkout-support.com with this information. After the payment was validated through eBay, they said that they will contact the seller to complete this purchase. I then received an e-mail on 8/25/17 from the seller stating that they received confirmation through eBay and will be shipping my phone that day. On 8/31/17 I contacted eBay asking why I had not yet received the item that I purchased. They then told me that I was scammed by a fake seller through eBay and that they could not guarantee a refund. They then asked me to send them proof of all e-mails along with a picture of the original gift card and receipt. That they would look into it. I told them that the e-mails clearly showed that I was talking to eBay directly and that I spoke to an eBay representative to complete the purchase. They stated that eBay never e-mailed me and that I should contact the police. I told them that I was holding them personally responsible and that a consumer that logs onto their own account should feel safe to search for products to buy. I asked them how it is even possible for a fake seller to scam someone on eBay.com. I was told this is not the first time. I asked them for a refund of my money and they told me that they will investigate further. After sending proof I received an e-mail from eBay on 9/6/17 stating that they were unable to recover any balance from the eBay card used and that they will not refund my money and to refer back to their terms and conditions. I e-mailed them on 9/14/17, 9/16/17 and on 9/17/17 only getting the same responses. I am not happy with their lack of concern for what happened to me while on their site. I have been very patient and now I'm just angry. I feel violated and I also feel that eBay could of resolved this with me from the beginning of this investigation but chose to disregard my concerns and repeatedly stated that they are not responsible and will not refund me even after sending them proof. I want the public to know that eBay is not a safe place to buy anything and they are not honest about their money back guarantee policy. They are responsible for not screening the seller and keeping track of their information so that potential scams can be avoided. They should responsible for refunding the $450 that was taken from me while on eBay.com. I will continue to fight for what is right and hold eBay fully responsible.

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    Re: eBay Scam

    Your post made me cringe. Honestly, you need to take a computer class before you continue making online purchases. eBay@checkoutsupport.com is not an ebay email address, just like myemail@gmail.com doesnt belong to "myemail.com" it belongs to "gmail.com". Each website has infinite available email addresses under their domain, anyone can make ebay@realagent.com or ebay@notascam.com but only ebay can own support@ebay.com. Its the last part of the address thats the most important. checkoutsupport@ebay.com and ebay@checkoutsupport.com ARE NOT THE SAME! you probably werent even ON actual ebay, you probably were on ebay.realwebsite.com or ebay.notscam.com or ebay.store.checkousuccess.com you get the idea.

    You got scammed by willingly sending out your info over a video chat. You willingly gave away your money to a scammer thinking it was ebay, and then you blamed ebay because you didnt double check. Your story doesn't add up, you say you bought it on ebay but i doubt you were on actual ebay.com. Hold ebay fully responsible for your actions? How about owning up to making a mistake and trying to be better. You got scammed by techsupport, seriously go on you tube and look up tutorials on how not to get scammed. Like KNOWING HOW AN EMAIL IS FAKE AT FIRST GLANCE. KNOWING WHEN THE DOMAIN YOURE IN LOOKS PHISHY AND NOT PUTTING YOUR LOG IN WHEN THE WEBSITE ADDRESS IS MISSPELLED OR DIFFERENT.

    I for one hate scams, even when they're not by a company but by a consumer, But you're not even a consumer cause you never bought anything from ebay.com.... You just want to blame them for being dumb. Trying to get them to give you $450 that some scammer already spent. you trying to scam ebay out of 450! Seriously watch some tutorials youre gonna click the virus popups and give your life savings away.

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