- Sterling Businesses Ltd - Sterling Data - Owner and Director with many connections to affiliates of closed down companies scam reports!
The page has over 3000 fake fans which can be bought on places like
Proof ? Any page that has those amounts of fans will clearly have likes on the articles he is posting. The page has zero likes on the topics he has posted. This is a clear sign that the fans are fake.

If you use a website called WAYBACKMACHINE
You will see he has just copied and pasted images from other competitor websites and uploaded onto this page to try and make you think they are most established.
Can you trust a company who is trying to trick you into buying there services!

They are trading under a name which is VERY Similar to a different company which helps people with marketing. They are trying to make you think its the same company because the name is so similar. Please take a look here

So when customers do a search online they think sterling businesses ltd is the same as the above website and think WOW ok lets invest! Dont fool for this trick!
The director Nathan coombe calls himself a different name on the telephone and in the emails but when you have been hyped up and ready to pay, you pay the company name in the invoice and not really knowing the person youve paid. Not until you do your research again.

Connected to a what sounds like a conman called Jordan James Snell which has many scam reports on google.

List of reports found on the Internet

This guy is a Joke! His business model is a Joke! He even calls himself other names in all the emails because he doesn't want to be tracked!
If your that silly to invest into this company, before doing so you should invest in doing a criminal record check first! Has been in Prision for Class A Drugs!
He has stolen images from a couple competitor websites and pasted on his

He has copied word by word details of online businesses which are for sale from professional brokers! Same sales pitch and even reviews from other companies.
Here is some of his closed down companies:

Now to even hide is name further into this scam he is trying to offer franchises so they do the dirty work!

Hes a scam because
He claims to have the experance to justify the 4000 fees he charges!
He copies data from legit companies and copies and pastes on his own website!
He has connected to other well know scammer on the Internet
He has closed down businesses as soon as people become aware!
He has zero experance on eBAY not the 21 years he mentions on his website!
All the pages the likes have been loaded! Cheated the system
He calls himself a totally different name in emails and over the phone.
Very simalar name has some other legit company offering the same service which makes it hard for you to do your research.
His legal 3rd party business practices are not legal!