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    RBOptions.com is a scam I lost out of pocket USD $2,500.00

    I can't log into my account anymore and the website appears to be down. These people will trick you into taking a bonus from your broker. The broker is helpful at first, making a few winning trades with you. But he is only building up your trust for later. He will offer you a bonus to get into a bigger trade. And when you accept even a small bonus of $100, you are trapped by their crooked BONUS rules.

    Suddenly, your broker will no longer help you. He might even cut off communication with you. You are left to trade on your own. You will lose all your money if you do this.

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    Re: RBOptions.com is a scam I lost out of pocket USD $2,500.00

    They appaerently where never regulated to begin with.


    RBOptions Review

    Last Updated 2017-09-19 by Martin Kay

    RBOptions is an unregulated broker owned and operated by Zulutoys Limited which is headquartered in the Marshall Islands. The number given is 1-647-846-8231 and there are dozens of numbers for local service representatives in countries around the planet. Clearing services are provided by RB Secured Processing Limited located at 22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU London, England. Zulutoys Limited is also registered under a virtual address in UK, the company number and address is: 09872729, office 3.11, nwms center 3rd floor, 31 southampton row london england wc1b 5hj.

    Update 2017: I no longer find any phone numbers, just different email addresses. Customer service’s email is: [email protected]. Further, we fear RBOptions is closing down – find out more below!
    Their record the last year or so isn't very good either.
    (Also from the above link)
    RBOptions Regulatory Announcements and Warnings

    27.09.2016: The Canadian OSC warns Zulutoys and RBOptions and orders them to cease operations. Source: OSC.gov.on.ca

    12.07.2016: The South African FSB warns against doing business with RBOptions. Source: FSB.co.za

    09.06.2016: Australian ASIC warns investors about dealing with RBOptions which also claim to have an office in Australia. Source: ASIC.gov.au

    28.04.2016: Canadian Saskatchewan authority, FCAA, fines and warns Zulutoys ltd and RBOptions for solicitation of clients in the region. Source: FCAA.gov.sk.ca

    18.04.2016: FSMA in Belgium warns investors from dealing with Zulutoys ltd and RBOptions. Source: FSMA.be
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    Re: RBOptions.com is a scam I lost out of pocket USD $2,500.00

    Why in God's name did you decide to do business with these people OP? Seriously how did they lure you into their trap?

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