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    Gi2c Reviews Are Fake & Real Ones Are Being Deleted By Paid China Hackers

    We all get a surprise about the Gi2c and Getin2China job and internship scam every month and although we knew they were buying video testimonials from young tourists in Beijing for $1,000 (for a 2 minute scripted video), we did not know that they were actually paying google to do their dirty work for them... hiding negative reviews and nasty scam warning about them; http://opnlttr.com/letter/gi2c-revie...-scam-or-legit

    And back in 2015 it was discovered and resported that they had a Russian hacker named Igor who was corrupting and deleing links online of as many complaints as they could remove http://chinascamreport.wordpress.com. Here below is a sample of the 147 links they removed over the last 2 years and this one was hacked from ESLbase.com in March of 2017...

    Gi2c Negative Reviews (147) deleted by hackers.pdf

    But now the latest news is that Yuri is not really Yuri nor the Russian he claims to be. It turns out that his real name is Sergei Khlystov and he is a citizen of Belarus where he has been a wanted fugitive for various commercial and bank frauds since 2005 (See the China Scam Patrol report in another sca,.com thread). And he has also stepped up his hacking efforts by hiring a Chinese guy named Huang Zhenyu whose photo is below and who like Sergei, is also wanted by the authorities.. https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?...86#post1974186

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    So now the big question is, how long before these links about all 4 of this fugitive's China scam operations (Gi2c, Getin2China, Laowai Career Center, and Wiseway Global) will be hacked away like 147 other client complaints that simply vanished? You can ask this question on the Gi2c Facebook page, but just like every other complaint our sensitive question asked there about cheating, demands for refunds, etc. also gets deleted within 2 hours. They still not have answered these 21 questions asked 6 months ago; http://opnlttr.com/letter/why-wont-g...ns-if-they-are








    Only Time will tell. Please warn all your young university friends and unemployed veterans which are their two primary target groups. If you still think they MIGHT be legit, just search them on Reddit and read what all the victims said and also take a visit here http://abroadreviews.com/search/node/Gi2c and then search them at realscam.com for about another 20 complaints. They can't hide everything.

    Please remember to avoid all 4 of their fraud operations based in China with the names of:


    -----> GETIN2CHINA

    -----> GI2C

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    Re: Gi2c Reviews Are Fake & Real Ones Are Being Deleted By Paid China Hackers

    Yeah, they are really good at the smoke and mirror stuff. I remember that guy at the ESLwatch.info thread about Gi2c who used to work there and spilled his guts about all the fakery they rely on. Btw.,.. did you ever see this? https://chinasupersleuth.wordpress.com/

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    Re: Gi2c Reviews Are Fake & Real Ones Are Being Deleted By Paid China Hackers

    More of the same online censorship fraud brought to you by the veteran scam artist Sergei Khylstov...(aka Yuri Khlystov)

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