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    Is Geek Americas computer tech support a scam??

    I got a popup on my computer screen that said I had a serious virus that needed to be removed. It also said that I should not use the computer or go any further but to call a number listed at the bottom, which claimed to be a Microsoft Tech Supporter number. I called that number and found that I was talking with a group called Geek Americas. They took remote access of my computer and did lots of things I did not understand. Then they sold me a "subscription" for 2 years for immediate assistance with computer problems. After doing a bit of research and checking out the FTC website, I found some information that looked very familiar to the experience I had with this company. Now, I'm not sure that they were a legitimate company or a scam. Has anybody else been in contact with this group?

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    Re: Is Geek Americas computer tech support a scam??

    If there wasn't a virus or malware on your computer before, there sure is now. They will probvably send you "urgent warnings" now every 3 months to remotely clean your computer. That was a huge mistake on your part to allow a stranger access to your computer. You now need to do a rootkit scan and remove everything they embedded on your hard drive.

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