X-Originating-IP: - Cotonou,Benin

from: Mr David Mark < jcoffc@tim.it>
reply-to: moneygrammoneygramoffice@gmail.com
date: Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 11:13 PM
subject: You will pickup the US $7500 USD AT the any Money Gram office in your country

Dear Beneficiary ,

We are happy to inform you officially That we Received Approval letter-
today from Federal Ministry of Finance of Office, Authorizing Our Bank to
program a total sum of $ 2,500,000.00 USD and a pay you through Our Money Gram
transfer system for your the easy the pickup and Warned Against the
any unforeseen delay is That Could the make your fund not to the get
to you in a Timely manner that.

of The Federal of Ministry of Finance Chairman (Engr. L.Daouda by Richard) have
the Submitted your payment file to the Benin Consulate for screening and all
the data being of Confirmed have to correct you a pay a total sum of $
2,500,000.00 USD as with a contract of result overdue payments far the
SO. For We have Been Advised to the send you $ 7,500 USD every day
Because Money Gram Laws found here in Benin Republic CAN only transfer
a maximum of $7500.00 USD every day to you.

We have today has been Transferred your first US $7,500 available for
your the pickup at the any Money Gram an office in your country, But
to still on the hold of due to the of unpaid activation fee of the which you th $99.00 supposed to a pay the
before your transfer will of the BE posted to your country for the pickup.

for your convenience the check your first $7500.00 installment
transfer of online
the clicks the TRACKING and! Just fill the the bellow information on
Provided AT space the
Money Gram website.www.moneygram.com

Money Gram the reference number # 26717071
the Sender First the Name: ROBIN
the Sender of Last the Name: BENSON
security below code: Shall we the send to you the after the
confirmation of your fee

You will pickup the US $7500 USD AT the any Money Gram office in
your country then after 45 minutes you send the $99.00 activation fee of your
daily, installment account.

You are to send the activation fee today with below information
through Money Gram or Western Hotel Union store address close e-to you: -

Receiver Name : Nzeluo Simeon
City & Country: Cotonou, Benin Republic
the Text Question: After
the Answer: 45 minutes
the Amount: $99.00

of As soon's as you the send the activation fee, send us the transfer
reference number information to enable us receive and proceed with immediate
release of your $7,500.00 USD US today by the below code and security
-making the money payable AT your area.

Thanks for using the service, Our 'while' we: wait your kind

Yours Faithfully,
Mr David Mark
the E-mail address :( moneygrammoneygramoffice@gmail.com)
Phone +229-66732379
Accountant Have Suppervisor
Money Gram Bank Department
States Foreign the Operations Manager