We purchased 18 tons Cotton yarn for Colombia from Saida Industrial Co. Ltd(Tianjin City) in April 2017. They routed our order thru their sister company Shandong Kemeier Trading Co. Ltd. Full payment of USD 50,400.00 was made by LC Sight. T he container was cleared on 6th June. The container seal was intact. On opening the container we found that instead of yarn Saida had sent us 15tons of white bricks. We immediately got the Survey done and it was established that fraud was premeditated and happened in Saida Factory. On contact they were evasive and then went underground. Mobile number changed. Emails not replied. Even website is blocked. The owner partner is Jerome Lee. Mobile number:
+86 17183271855. Email: [email protected]
We understand they are professional fraudsters and are cheating international buyers by selling thru their dummy companies like: Shandong Kemeier Trading Company, Beijing Everflying I/E Company Ltd,
Foyance Textile Company etc. We have reported the matter to CCPIT, PICC, MOFCOM, and also to China Police. No result as China is not interested to stop these frauds and protect its reputation. The only way to punish them is to stop buying from China.