This guy is a phony, scam artist, and an impeccable liar. He scammed my family member and investors out of $90,000.00 for an app that he claimed he could produce. This guy worked for a company HSO as a technician but claimed he is a software engineer. He claimed he sent the money to India for a software developing team. He now claimed that the guys he gave the money to are not responding. BEWARE: He is great at telling lies.

Here is a short biography of Ba Duc Tran:

Ba D Tran born in Vietnam came to the United States through his uncle and aunt sponsorship. He lived with his Aunt and Uncle family of 12. He worked in the family cleaning business as a custodian cleaning churches, banks, factories, and offices. He chose to quit school at the age of 13 during the 7th grade school year. He said, School is a waste of time. I rather make money.

At the age of 17, he raped his cousin, the youngest daughter of the Uncle and Aunt that sponsored him to come to the US. Because the Aunt and Uncle are responsible for him and promised his father who passed away in Vietnam, they kept their promised and couldnt kill him or kick him out until he was at a legal age. The family couldnt go to the police because that would ruin the family's name in a small town of Greencastle, IN and destroy the family business. At the age of 18, he was finally kicked out of the home that fed him and raised him. He paid them back by raping their youngest daughter. Everybody in the family wanted to kill him, but one family member stood up and asked everyone in the family to forgive him due to the fact he has no other family in the US. He ruined the life of the people that supported him.

He talks about how he was able to pass the employment screen with a fake resume he found on the Internet. He brags about spending a year learning the essential of IT via Google. His Resume, LinkedIn, and the Facebook account has him Graduated at Depauw University which is located in Greencastle, IN and earned numerous of IT Certifications which is entirely fabricated and lies. Everyone in his family knows he dropped out of middle school. He uses LinkedIn to jump ships as his credentials.

He mendaciously told friends and people he meets that hed built software and sold it to Microsoft. He raised 90K to build software he promised but never follow through. He never returned the money to the investors. He claimed he paid his Software Engineer team in India and they bolted. He is now facing class action lawsuit in the future.

This guy whole life is a FRAUD, PHONY, SCAM ARTIST, and a RAPIST. WARNING: To investors, DO NOT believe anything this guy says. He is very good at telling lies and creating phony documents.

NOTE: This report is 100% truth, and I have collaborated the facts with investors, family members (his cousins, aunt, uncle) and his acquaintances.