I made the mistake of sending to this people a photo of my passport, what can they do with my passport information? Should I block it?

Here are the details:
The first recuiter is called Amy Jiang
First I communicated with a person called Amy Jiang, but later, a person called Zoe started to write me through this email: [email protected]
She asked me for a video introducing myself, my CV, and my passport.
Then she never replied to my last message.

The second recruiter is called Jessica

I communicated with Jessica through this webpage: esljeda.com
She interviewed me through Skype, everything semmed to be ok, but then I started to doubt.
Why I don't trust her? Here are the reasons:

  1. In their webpage they say Jeda has been working since 2006, but in this link https://www.whois.net/ you can see that esljeda.com was created in 2017. (Creation Date: 2017-02-05T09:38:49Z)
  2. Jessica doesn't use a last name.
  3. They sent me a contract through E-mail and want me to sign it now! Jessica has been telling me to sign it in several times.
  4. The contract stipulates I will be working in a "project school" called "Rongen Kindergarten", but I can't find any information about "Rongen Kindergarten".
  5. Jeda's Facebook has not reactions https://www.facebook.com/jedaesl.
  6. The section called "Teachers Stories" in Jeda's webpage (https://esljeda.com/category/teachers-stories/), has very short "stories" of teachers with no last name.
  7. Jessica has been writing to me in very different times, yesterday at 9:00 am and today at 23:00 pm (Beijing time), so I don't know if that is normal in the schedule of a recruiter.
  8. I can't find Jeda's adress in Google.

My last conversation with her (today) was this:

  • Me: "Great, I will. So, the contract is for this 25, can be a problem if I sign and then I don't find flight tickets for that date? Do I get a penalty if I sign, but I can't be there on that date?"
  • Jessica: You will be able to come on time. We will help you with everything.
  • Me: Can I get more information about Rongen Kindergarten and, if it's possible, contact with someone who is already working with Jeda?
  • Jessica: No , I can't . Everyone is in holiday now. However, I will send you some photos of school today.

So, what can they do with my passport information? Should I block it?