I was contacted by email from someone stating they were Matthew Monsanto with Strike Energy and they wanted to set up an interview with me for an Administrative Assistant job. Matthew Monsanto actually is an employee of Strike Energy. They said they got my resume off of the Arkansas Workforce website. I had just placed my resume on that website because I was between jobs and had filed for my unemployment. In order to draw my unemployment, I had to put my resume online on the Arkansas Unemployment Website. I didn't think there was anything unusual about them contacting me because this is the type of work I have been doing since 2008. I had what I thought was an interview and of course I got the job. I was to train for two weeks and then I would start working for them full time. The following was the first red flag. They wanted me to do all of my work from home, via the internet. I have never done that before. I have always been in the office on the job site. I didn't listen that that little voice telling me I should know better. After I had been in what I thought was online training, I received a cashier's check for $3,550.00. I was to deposit the check in my account, deduct my pay for training and take the balance and purchase office equipment. I deposited the cashiers check and then they told me that the company had been researching and found the best place for me to purchase the office equipment. They proceeded to tell me where to send the money and what I would be purchasing. I knew then that something was up. Why would they not purchase the equipment themselves and send it to my house instead? I called my banker and told him what was going on. They ran the cashiers check and it was no good. If I had taken the steps they wanted me to, I would have been out $3,550.00. It looks like they could do something about them impersonating Matthew Monsanto and about them pretending to represent Strike Energy. I won't let that happen to me again but I did feel like a total idiot after it was all said and done.