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    China Job Scam Queen Rebecca Tang aks Rosie Tang given last chance to stop

    "Rebecca & Rosie Tang's real family name is Liu and there entire family will be named and identified to CCTV News & BTV News if they not cease their swindling and sale of false documents in 15 days"

    This warning goes out to anyone and everyone looking for legitimate employment in China. Avoid Foreign HR in Beijing along with all the other alias companies listed below which are owned and operated by the same woman whose real name is Liu - not Tang. This woman is infamous in China for ripping of foreign teachers since 2006 when she first opened CHINA ESL - her first fraud that got over 1,200 foreign teachers arrested and deported . She was eventually arrested for this in 2015 after 1,800+ foreign teachers sent a petitition to the Minister of Justice to have her arrested and prosecuted. See this archived post http://www.esl-jobs-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=6290.

    She pled guilty under her fake name of Rebecca Liu and as part of her plea bargain gave the Public Security Bureau a copy of her client database to whom she either sold black visas, fake university diplomas and/or phony TEFL certificates. Becaise of her cooperation, she only served one year in prison. She was released in 2016 and immediately changed her name and appearance. Her new name is Rosie Tang and you can see her new look here: http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-fore...m-artist-rosie. Statements from three of her victims are embedded in this link as well. She became most notorious after American Teacher Katherine Cox came forward and told how Rebecca Tang skimmed 66% of her salary every month for a year and published this horrific employment contract https://myalbum.com/album/Qt6TWGP0olx3 and published some threatening emails from Tang.

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    Although she was ordered by the court to avoid the HR industry for five years "Rosie Tang" buried the Rebecca identity and started where she left off before by swindling even more foreign teachers by forming new alias companies and buying cooperation with foreigners to front and bird-dogging for her including Eric Winder (Long Island, New York who runs the BeijingTeach.com for her), David Valley (Toronto Canada), Derrick Yazwa (in Phoenix, Arizona who runs New Life Esl) and Serbian fugitive Nikic "Nikki" Pedrag (in Beijing who runs Wan Jia Education) and Brett Van Zeller (South Africa & Los Angeles who provides the fake documents for Rosie to sell). We are now investigating three other foreigners suspected of running her Reddit fishing operation for her at the TEFL, TEACHERS, and CHINA JOB subs: https://www.reddit.com/r/teaching/co...ent_names_and/

    Even the Beijinger her big supporter in the past where one of her friends and former lover Steve S. (user name Monkey King) has so far allowed this warning to remain: http://www.thebeijinger.com/forum/20...ail-time-twice.

    These are the companies to avoid if you want a legal & problem-free job and stay in China:

    Foreign HR

    China ESL

    China-Uni Ltd.

    Golden Bridge ESL


    East-West Education

    Golden Bridge English

    New World ESL

    Golden Bridge Education


    New Life ESL

    Wan Jia Education

    Golden Bridge Visa

    We will update this list as new aliases are formed, and new foreigners are found to be recruiting and selling for her and that includes those involved with her new Teach by Skype scam where teachers have reported working six weeks and never being paid. They are now targeting all the Reddit teachers and those on unemployment databases in the U.S. and Canada.


    We are giving you 15 days for you and Brett to stop selling fake documents to unqualified teachers and retire from the China Job Scam business. If your ads and false documents sales continue past August 15th, we personally will take our evidence and the USB acquired from your former employee along with your real name Ms. Liu and residence address to BTV and CCTV with a copy of the old petition sent to the Justice Minister so the parents of China will learn that 30% of the foreign teachers teaching their children are fake teachers with no experience nor real teaching credentials. Go ahead and call our bluff. This is your last chance to do the right thing on your own.

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    Re: China Job Scam Queen Rebecca Tang aks Rosie Tang given last chance to stop

    Nice job Jason. BUT why in the kingdom of God are you letting this thief off the hook after she screwed over so many foreign teachers? Expose the bitch AND give all the information to the TV news people and every newspaper in China too!!!!! What possible reason do you have to cut her any slack and let her walk away free with her millions? Seriously, she deserves no mercy imo. (sigh)

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    Re: China Job Scam Queen Rebecca Tang aks Rosie Tang given last chance to stop

    Things are about to change drastically in China's TEFL world friends. We just received this leaked info that the PSB is using a big chunk of their 7% budget increase to verify the diplomas of every single foreign teacher working in China. This is a huge task but the PSB sub contracted an American company to help them expedite the matter as you can see here: https://eslwatch.info/en/eslwatch-fo...hers-ouch.html
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