David Coleman, The Dating Doctor, is a college speaker on relationships and integrity. Neither topic he should be getting paid to speak and advise on to college students or the public in general. He used his expertise on relationships to tell me exactly what I needed and wanted to hear in order to gain my trust. I dated him then married him. After he took me for over $200,000 I divorced him within 1 year. I assisted him on his speaking engagements and helped with his back of the room sales of his merchandise. I notified the IRS about his failure to claim that income from his sales. But even worse is the way he solicited sales from his audiences was to verbally and with printed material say that "All proceeds from sales will go to The Wounded Warrior Project" and other charities. As proof in his deposition and tax returns, neither David nor Coleman Productions ever donated anything to any charity. I also filed a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission and Wounded Warrior Project. I have all the evidence including receipts from sales of his merchandise and printed material displaying his intent to support various charities he lied about.