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    Mystery Shopper Scam

    I signed up for a mystery shopping opportunity through a web form and was followed up with an email from "Mark Hughes" who claims to be the HR Manager at IntelliShop LLC (which is a real mystery shopping company). The email used is [email protected]. The non-company email tipped me off to the scam. After some correspondence they assigned me to: "Visit any Wal-Mart store with the remaining ($737) cash [from mailed check] to conduct the survey while you send the remainder of the funds Via Walmart2Walmart Transfer to another Mystery Shopper details below."

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    Re: Mystery Shopper Scam

    I got scam too wish i had read this, what gave them away was when i verify funds and guess what the acct. Was non existance, closed acct a long time ago, they wanted to scam me for 2000.00, glad i checked!
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