Auraleiserum, you place order, get confornation of ordernumber, that is were it stop..
1. after 15 days phoned to here were is package, i must wait customs take a while.
2.Never received any thing a month later, now they subtract R1395 the full amount of cream from account.
3. they say they cannot give money back. what about 1 the 2 then 3 months free delivery...
4. After every thing they canceld my order and said now i dont have to worry about extra charges,, but were is muy money
5. wait untill received then send back and call them, "but what if i do not receive any thing"
6. tell me the procedure if ii get the product.....they wont say and said i must phone them again when receive
7. mistake on their delivery o product and charged full price for something they said is free.