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    Re: Congressman Jack Murtha. Col. USMC, ret.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raider
    I actually decided to alter my posting three times out of fear of being banned for defending myself. Whatever, I type slow - OK BFD!
    Trying to validate your PM with actual action? LOL, that's funny. Well, defending yourself was the least of your worries. I already told you how entertaining you are on the forum. Why ban the entertainment for doing what he does best? Entertaining!

    And considering all the other stuff you post, fear is hardly a valid excuse. Now being a slow typist is alright but I was beginning to think you were authoring a novel and frankly Raider, you sound best in short posts. Long posts tend to bring out the "dumb" in you and exposes it to the rest of the world. A "political information machine" you are not. Nor are you a small pile of dootie. OR is that what "turd blossoms" grow in? ;) I've heard as much.


    Lady Mod

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    Re: Congressman Jack Murtha. Col. USMC, ret.

    Ok, I just have to say that reading through this thread....

    Zach is his own person. He doesn't "follow" others beliefs, he follows his own. He is just a kid. I think especially w/kids we can NOT go pushing our own views on them. I try to stay w/just the facts on any issue w/my kids. And, yeah when I give my "opinions" I let them know that they are just that....opinions. I would be a little concerned actually if all my kids had the same opinions on every issue. No, they are not taught to believe like their dad or anyone else for that matter.

    In fact, at their ages they are constantly changing their opinions. Which, I think is good for now....it shows that they have some actual "brain activity" going on.

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