from: Myesha Hamilton <>
to: <>
date: Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 5:18 PM

Good News to you ,I just wanted to inform you that the check will
finally Deliver to you tomorrow via UPS. Please let me know once you have
it .


Name: Andre Wallace
City : Atlanta
State: Georgia
Zip code:30345
United State

Note that the Money Gram transfer fees should be deducted from the
remaining balance IS going to the SPECIALIST

As soon as you are through Sending the Money to the SPECIALIST do get
back to me with the Money Gram details as it follow:

1. Sender's Name and Address as it Appear on the Money Gram Receipt.
2. 8 digit number OR Scan Copy Receipt of Money Gram.
3. Amount Sent after Money Gram Charges [Money Gram Charges should be
deducted from the Remaining fund]
4. Car Wrap Time and Date (The Exact time you want the Specialist to
come for the Car Wrapping)..

Myesha Hamilton <>
Jul 4 (5 days ago)

We have your information now i want you to know you will receive the
check of $2100 and once you got the check have it deposited and wait
for 24 hours for the check to clear and withdraw your own money and
have the rest money sent to the specialist so they can come to wrap
your car asap