is receiving orders, taking money for the order and then generating a fake shipping tracker. The item never ships. The tracker does not update over a 40 day period. All refunds are refused. Any attempts to establish a tracking number that works is met with lengthy correspondence that blames outside circumstances and begs for patience for extended delivery delay times. First, with 39 day extension, then 60 day extension, then 90 days, etc. They do not comply with International shipping standards and are not accountable for their defunct tracker link. As I've said, they do not give refunds. You have to sit and wait for 3 month's and never received the product. I've researched them on Twitter and other social media and many, many people have experienced this same situation. Do not order from the way they are. You are being scammed. If anyone else reading this has experienced the same thing, please let me know and we could go for class action maybe.