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    Beware! Spotlight International English School is BIG SCAM in Jinan, China

    Scam Warning! Spotlight International English in Jinan, China (Shandong Province)

    Spotlight International English in Jinan, Shandong China is a very dangerous school.

    They do not pay their employees according to the contract, they deduct based on an evaluation system which they control fully.
    They invite teachers to china to work under a Tourist Visa (Which is illegal) and then use government relationships as to keep you emprisoned.
    They keep their original documents in order to force them to work and prevent them from transfering elsewhere.
    They blackmail them with blacklisting in China and messing their paperwork in the government as to block teachers from moving to another company.
    They force you to work over your contract hours, and they force you to stay beyond your contract date.
    They hire anyone under any conditions, they even went as far as to hire a sex offender.

    The school will go through any lenghts to get what it wants.

    Please be advised,

    BTW: This company also posts "
    teaching Staff" photos of teachers of which 90% resigned long ago. http://www.spotlight-jn.net/

    The name of the owner is a woman (Sabrina) and the school director is a man called (Mr.tao). Unfortunately, i am unable to read chinese, so i cannot say what their real names are. I posted a picture of the both of them. Now the person in charge of recruitment and government paperwork is a woman called Judy Guan.

    I have attached pictures of all 3 individuals. I personally know about 10-15 victims of that school that either ran away or had to make somekind of deal with to school in order to leave. I can provide names and contacts since they were my colleagues.

    The picture called Judy is the government recruiter;

    She has forced foreigners to stay over their contracts keeping their release papers until the school was done with them.
    She brought teachers to china under Tourist visas and made them work (a teacher called Steve who ran away to Macao after dealing with them).

    Many teachers ran away; actually if one visits their websites, 90% of those teachers don't work them any longer, they are just used as promotions.

    http://www.spotlight-jn.net/ - 90% of the teachers featured on that website left the company by either making deal or running away as to try to save some of their hard earned money.

    If the government digs into their paperwork, im sure they will find Tourist visa entries and alot of irregularities. This company is quite connected with the government. One might say that they deal in illegal matters in a very legal way.

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