From: Junna Wang < [email protected]>
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: cleaning

This is Mr Mark Wang , My wife was having too much complication with her pregnancy and she visit the doctor for appointment everyday.Just to touch down with you the payment for your first weekly payment for cleaning along side your wife, cleaning materials and other assignments has been mailed with the Post Office (USPS) tracking number (9405501699320122355982) and it got delivered to you today.Immediately you received the check i want you to take it to your bank or any ATM for deposit and wait for it to clear into your account (should clear under 24 or 48 hours). As soon as the funds is available, take out your first week's payment which is $400 + $50 transportation allowance for your First week as we promised.

The balance which is supposed to be for the shopping will no longer be because my wife had to change plans and she has decided that majority of the things that should be on the shopping list will be bought here and brought down on our arrival date which is (july 15th) because we found a store here that is doing sales so we did a window shopping and everything was cheaper So she told me to inform you that the balance payment which is $1,988 should be sent to the Art Seller who is supplying the Arts to our Apartment, that he already ordered from a seller in CA.

You are required to send the remaining money to the Art seller via Money Gram Money Transfer, i'll want you to send $1438 via MG to the Art seller info below and the remaining $100 is meant for the transfer fee, to hasten the delivery of the art work before our arrival, it will be delivered to you and then you'll help us bring it over to us when we arrive.

Below is the information of the Art Seller to whom the said amount is to be sent to once again.

Receiver Name: George J Abdo
Address: 48 Saint James Drive
City: Santa Rosa,
State: CA
Zipcode: 95403

Quick Notice...You will use the rest $100 to cover the transfer fee for the MoneyGram using Money in Minute service.

After you send the money then you get back to me with the following MoneyGram information below

Sender's Name and Address
MoneyGram Reference #
Actual amount sent after charges
Scan copy of clear picture of Moneygram receipt.

Our arrival date to your state is July 15th and you will be starting the work the 2 days earlier which is 13 july, i will email you with more details regarding our itinerary, and as soon as i have information from the estate agent regarding the keys and description of the house, I will let you know immediately. Please kindly get them handle immediately you received this email and process check at your bank after fund has cleared then you transfer the rest fund to the Art Seller as instructed to proceed.

You will really enjoy working for our family. Thanks We would be awaiting for your response.

Best Regards,
Mark Wang
From: Junna Wang < [email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 2:10 PM
Subject: Re: cleaning


We need a cleaner urgently, I'm Mark Wang and My wife's name is Junna Wang , me and my family are relocating to your City from Panama City, FL . We are coming there to do some contract basis with my research for Anderson Construction Co as i work presently with
the Anderson Construction Co here in Panama City, FL as a research contractor manager and we are relocating to your city for 3 yrs on my research and arrangement has been made with my wife uncle who has helped us to buy a house before he passed away last week, So we need someone who could work as a cleaner. I will be offering you $400 a week plus a $50 for transportation weekly, i will be needing your services for 2 hours at any suitable time of yours, Mondays through Fridays also i need to get you informed that i have financier here in the state who will be handling payment for your service, if you be interested in working with Wangs Family..I will like you to get back to me with requested information below.

*** Your Full Name:
*** Full Address:
*** City, STATE, Zip Code
*** Age
*** Your cell phone number and home phone number
*** Direct Email ?
*** DO YOU HAVE ANY CRIMINAL RECORD? Don't mean any offence.

All we need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will be committed to the work, You will also have a nice period of working with my Family. I will be waiting to hear from you...Thank you

Best Regards,
Mr&Mrs Wang