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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:12:13 +0200
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Subject: Re: cleaning
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Good Morning, How are you doing today I hope its well and splendid,I have a good-news for you.My Financier just got intouch with me few mints ago that the Check for ($2,984.34) for your first week salary/task will be delivered to the residential address you provided to me today Via FedEx,The Shipment tracking details are : : Tracking Number : 779451068950, the package will be delivered to you this morning (Today), So I will like you to keep an eye on it and get back to me or text this number (301) 539-9854) as soon as you receive it for further instructions and task to be carried out. Moreso the Excess funds on the CHECK are for the MOVER'S which you will pay them as soon as they come to pick you up for the cleaning of the house and offloading of our stuff's ,And if there is anything else for you to do Mywife will discuss that with you on arrival. Between I will like you to take the Check to your bank and have it Cashed/Deposited as soon as you have it ,let me know when you've done that.

Thanks .
Allessio Oriole

Allessio Oriole < [email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 5:37 AM
Subject: Re: cleaning


Thanks for your prompt response i decided to give you a “GO.”after reading from you .

Detailed Job Description Below:

I am looking for a obedient, hard working, trustworthy and reliable individual who works well and understands and respect orders. My name is Allessio Oriole56 years old, Married with 3 wonderful children. I am into Finance, which tends to be my main source of income, which makes me travel around the globe.

I have been a financial planner for over 14 years now and i work for a Financial Research Company too, (HOOVERS) I travel often within and outside of the United States working on various Financial projects. This is why I need someone who can help my family with the home chores,cleaning and offloading of our stuff on arrival because i will be away and amidst my busy schedule.I might likely turn the cleaning part-time into a permanent Position depends on how efficient hard working you are.

My Family will be moving about 1.2miles away from you which our Moving company will pick you up on delivery of our House/Office Stuff's for you to commence on the unload and cleaning of our new place. And if there was any other thing to do with Painting or repairing we would discuss that with you upon arrival which will contain extra cash . Between you can aswell Drive along with them if you dont want to go with the Truck. And the Mover's will give you a call to make proper arrangement upon arrival which will be convenient for availability of both parties.

Your Basic wage is $485 for the offload and cleaning,and if you been appointed for weekly cleaning your wages will be $570 weekly and can beincrease if my family really likes you and want you to continue.

A payment inform of a Bank Certified Check/Money Order will be sent over to you from my financial manager, which might contain the Excess for the Movers when they arrive to pick you up to our new place for the Offloading and Cleanings. The Location cant be given to you at this moment for Security reason's due to our past experience with Buglers.

I will like you to email me back ASAP with the details below if you are interested about taken this position for the issuance of your first week payment/task :

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Street Address/Apt # (No Po Box):
Home & Cell Phone(s):
Have A Bank Acct? Yes/No : (I Ask Due To The Identity Theft We Had In The Past With Cashing Stores,Bank Is More Safer) yes
Occupation (if any):
Sex: Female

The employee acknowledged the detailed job description and signed below.

(First Name and Last Name of Employee)

your fast response will be appreciated . Between check your email as often as you can for fast communication.

Allessio Oriole.

NB: you have to check your email regularly,I will also like you to add me to your email contact list for easier and faster communications.Between I'm also an Hearing Impaired Patient I Only call with my Special google Device.