The check could be counterfeit. Never use money gram,western union to send money to strangers. Please see the link and also read below.

How long does it take for a check to clear properly?
Checks can take a long time to go through the system completely so do not assume that a fraudulent check will bounce in a few days or even a couple of weeks. Here's a scenario where it could take months to be returned: Account information on a legitimate bank account is stolen and forged checks are produced using that account number. A victim receives one of the forged checks and deposits it. Their bank checks with the paying bank and sees that it is indeed a legitimate account number and the funds are there to cover the check. Eventually, the account holder whose account was stolen notices the forged checks and reports it. The paying bank contacts the victim's bank and returns the check as fraudulent. The victim's bank notifies the victim and removes the amount for the check from the victim's account. This entire process could take months. Remember, you are financially and usually legally responsible for all checks deposited into your account, even after the bank has made the funds available to you.

Will banks cover the loss?
No. In most countries, the law says that it is up to you to ensure you know who you are dealing with : if you are dealing with a criminal, they will say it is your problem, not theirs. The bank will almost certainly not be liable, even if they have shown the amount as cleared and their terms and conditions spell this out. If you want to be protected, ask your bank to confirm in writing that the check has cleared fully. If they do so, and you act on that and send money, then even if it does later prove to be fake, you'll be protected. Most banks are unlikely to give you that reassurance so you'll need to protect yourself.

Possible legal consequences for the victim
We find that victims of check fraud are often worse off by more than just the money or goods they sent. More and more often, the victim finds that their account is closed by their bank, and they may have trouble opening an account with another bank. Banks frequently call the police, so a victim may be arrested or investigated by the police for money laundering.

How to protect yourself
Read the information here and on the linked websites and see if the circumstances sound familiar. If they do, you can ask for advice here and we will do our best to show you whether it is a scam or not. If you are at all unsure about a check, money order, cashier's check or travellers check you have received, you should take it to your bank or local police and tell them you think it may be from a scammer.

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