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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 19:07:05 +0000

From: Mr Edward Meyers
Head Remittance Department
Bank of America (BOA)

Subject: Remittance of your Inheritance Funds Valued US$7,300,000.00 to your Nominated Bank Account

Dear valued Customer,

The Bank of America confirm to you that we have receive final wire transfer instruction from the IMF External Auditors Committee, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve Bank of America spear headed by Mr. Douglas Shulman to contact you and transfer your Inheritance funds of US$7,300,000.00 to your nominated bank account

However,you as the Beneficiary of these funds needs to obtain your Funds of US$7,300,000.00 IMF Funds Release Authority Clearance to enable us complete your transaction urgently

Finally, it will cost you US$300 only to obtain the IMF Funds Release Authority Clearance. Kindly get back to us urgently so that we can advice you further on how to make the payment of the required fee of US$300 urgently.

Note: The Bank of America will not go into negotiation with you,as the US$300 for the IMF Funds Release Authority Clearance is the only financial obligation that is needed from you before you can confirm your funds transfer in your bank account. Attached below is my identifications and a form that you need to fill urgently and return it back.

Congratulation in advance

I will be expecting to hear from you.

Mr Edward Meyers
For Bank Of America