On 5/11/17 I made a merchandise purchase from the website samedelmansandals.com for the amount of $90.45. I received an email on the same date from [email protected] stating that the online payment had been made through their service. When I checked my bank statement the amount was actually greater, at $94.99.
On 5/25/17 I emailed [email protected], the contact address for samedelmansandals.com to ask where my merchandise was. I was sent a screenshot of a shipment sent from China that was still in a Chinese port. This is the first time I discovered the website and company was from China.
On 6/7/17 I received an email from [email protected] asking if I had received the order. I replied no, and that I needed to find out immediately the status and location of my merchandise. No response. The following day I emailed again and filled a contact form out from the website stating that I needed a full refund for the order not received. No response. A day later, I emailed and filled out a contact form again stating that I would be starting a dispute/fraud claim with my bank and taking action to expose their theft. Again no further response from the supplier. They are a fraudulent online company who never sent the actual merchandise I purchased!