This is a story about the horrible pet store in Brooklyn, NY called The Puppy Boutique is located at 8002 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214 their phone number is (718) 232-2079.

I had the worst two weeks of my life. My dog passed away and my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I wanted to bring happiness into our lives because my whole family was devastated. We have two children Michael who is 6 years old and Sophia who is three years old and when I went to The Puppy Boutique in Brooklyn, NY and purchased a new puppy shih tzu my children and my wife had big smiles. Unfortunately when we brought the new puppy home he had a hacking cough that would not stop. I took the puppy to the vet and he was diagnosed with Kennel Cough and giardia and possible pneumonia. It was too late when i found out that Kennel Cough is highly contagious to other dogs, my other dog who is 12 years old caught Kennel Cough and developed pneumonia. I spent as much money as i can afford which was around $500-$700 in vet fees to get my dogs the medication they need to get better. The vet explained to me it would cost over $1,000 per dog to have them hospitalize where they would be given IV of antibiotics and nebulization. Unfortunately i can not afford that after just spending $1,000 on a new puppy and $500 to $700 on vet fee's. My family is dealing with a lot of heartbreak and financial problems being my wife has stage 4 breast cancer. I am very scared because without being hospitalized my older dog who developed pneumonia can die.

I called The Puppy Boutique at first over a week and a half ago and spoke with your owner James. I explained to James that the dog i purchased was sick and had kennel cough among other things and he told me to fax over my receipts and i did. I then called and spoke to both Chris and Ben at The Puppy Boutique who told me they would call me back to confirm that they received all of my faxes, neither of them called me back. I called each day for over a week and a half and leaving messages and no one called me back. I then emailed The Puppy Boutique a copy of "The Unfit for sale" letter from my vet, still no call back. I called again and explained my wife has stage 4 breast cancer and the whole reason we purchased a dog from the puppy boutique was to bring happiness to our family, i called again and i explained the dog i purchased from The Puppy Boutique has kennel cough and possible pneumonia, i called again and i explained my older dog got kennel cough and also he has a very bad case of pneumonia and it could be fatal still no call back, I called yesterday and spoke to a girl who works at The Puppy Boutique and she told me Chris is the manager and i need to speak to him but he is off on Mondays and will definitely call me back on Tuesday, still no call back on Tuesday. I called today which is Tuesday and spoke to Ben who told me i need to speak to Chris i asked to speak to him and he told me he was not there and hung up on me. At this point i have to assume this is a scam operation and will now be forced to take legal actions. Can you please help me and my family.