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It's nice to hear back from you as quickly, It really shows your effectiveness. I think I'm going to be satisfied, if i let you or your team to handle the cleaning and moving job. Frankly to say I'm looking for a good and honest person or a team with no previous criminal history to help me with cleaning the house.

This is to let you know that a Cashier Check payment of ($1,940 ) will be mailed out to you by my client also,the check will be delivered to your door step on before next week by USPS Home Delivery. May i not fail to let you know that the check you will be receiving consist of your first week cleaning charges $450 and other major cleaning supplies(liquids,mop,towels etc) will be in the store of the apartment. The rest of the funds on the check payment will cover the Utility bills of the Apartment. That will be made to the Apartment Agent so the keys and address of the apartment can be mailed to you without any other delay so you can get the apartment / yard well cleaned prior to our Arrival.

My Agent will be taking you to the apartment in person immediately i contact him that i have finally paid for the cleaning service,so the location shouldn't be a problem, he will be there to help you in and all you need

More so, the rest of the funds will be made by Money Gram to the Apartment Agent for the Utility bills. May i know if you have Money Gram Stores/office around you where you can effect the Money Gram Transfer to the Apartment Agent? Finally in my next mail i will be giving you the Money Gram Transfer Information of the Agent where the rest of the money will be transfer to for the Utility payment. Also further instructions will be emailed to you which will guide you on how to execute the Money Gram Transfer to the Apartment Agent. I will compensate you extra Amount of $50 from which you only have to pay the money gram charges and keep the remain for yourself as a bonus on work done successfully before my
arrival and i will be very glad to see you soon. Have a wonderful day.

Reply back
if this is okay with you before i ask him to proceed

Roger Graziani
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Hello, This is Renee offering the Cricket Wireless LLC® Wrap job

Thanks for your respond..... Life is changing the way we get around our cities, and we need your help to make it happen by having Cricket Wireless LLC® Logo place on your Car/Bike/Truck.. the specialist artist are coming for the wrap of your Car at your location.
It is very easy and simple,no application fees required, we would be paying you with a bank check and would want you to get back to us with your Full Name: Home Residential Address: City, State and ZIP-Code to send you the check and also send your Age and your Cell phone # to text you on ??... I will contact you immediately i receive this information.
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Please tell me more!Thanks
We are looking for interested individuals to join our team!
If you're looking for a job that you can do just driving your car with: Cricket Wireless LLC Simplify Wireless Service Advertisement Wrap!
Please send pics when responding to this ad. NO SCAM!!!
***If you are interested email: reneeclaresmith43 (@) gmail . com
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Best Regards
Michelle Smith,
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