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How was your night? I am glad to inform you that the payment I told you about from one of my clients has been issued out to you and should be delivered to you today VIA USPS with tracking number 9410801699320003245411 And you can track it via WWW.USPS.COM ; kindly follow the instructions below to process the payment when you get it


1: You are advised to proceed to your bank to have the Money Order deposited for future record purpose, Funds will be available for withdrawal immediately or 24 hours after it has been deposited.I will be waiting for a confirmation message once it has been deposited and state clearly when your bank indicates the funds would be available for withdrawal. Via text.

2: Deduct USD $150

3: Proceed to any of the nearest Store listed below to purchase (ITUNES GIFT CARDS).


5: Purchase 7 (ITUNES GIFT CARDS) at store.

6: BUY $100 DENOMINATIONS ONLY, $100 X8 = $800

7 BUY $25 X1 = $25


7: Open the pack,SCRATCH THE ITUNES GIFT CARD GENTLY remove the label in front of the (ITUNES GIFT CARDS) and capture clear image of front and back of each (ITUNES GIFT CARDS) and email to me and i will Provide them to my furniture company (Phone camera accepted)
Note, after removing label from the front of the (ITUNES GIFT CARDS), do not use them until we instruct you to do so.

Make sure you Send a Text message to (281 504 7651) immediately you received the package and deposited


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Hello Applicant,

How are you doing, hope you are fine with your family?
Unfortunately the post you applied for is no more available but i have a different cleaning position i can fix you into if you dont mind

We are in need of a cleaner for our newly rented apartment 3 days per week. 3-4 hours per day. ($300 per week) and we will provide all of the cleaning supplies and equipment. here is all the job details.

I believe and understand you are an intelligent person and can do with the cleaningjob? So the Bedrooms Size is as follows: One of the bedrooms is approximately 11' X 11'and the other one is 12' x 12', but not a perfect square, so probably closer to 100 square feet; it comfortably fits a full size bed, desk, Armour and chest of drawers. The apartment is large (approximately 1,300+sf) and features the following: ---Full kitchen with dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc..---Washer/Dryer ---1 full bath / 1 half bath ---central air and heat. The apartment occupies the entire floor of the building with direct access via the elevator. Also i would like you to know that all Tools and materials needed for the job to make it perfectly OK will be provided, So you don't have to bother.

I'm willing to pay the sum of $300 for this, I think this is a reasonable price since it's just a 2 bed room apartment and you are only to clean the 2 bed room and the living room,it shouldn't take more than a day or two for you to have the Apartment cleaned, You will be provided with the date and time by my new Landlady as soon as I'm done making payments to you for the cleaning,pertaining to your transportation. My Landlady will be taking you to the Apartment in person immediately i contact her that i have finally paid for the cleaning service.

I've already made arrangement for the payment and also the keys to the apartment, My Landlady will be showing you the Apartment so the location shouldn't be a problem, she will be there to help you in and all you need. If you are interested in the job, I will instruct my financier to issue cheque or Money order and mail it out to you via courier service right away.

Once again, I believe that is a reasonable amount for cleaning of the apartment,and i want things to go smoothly and fast so that the painter and the shipper that will be packing in my furniture can do their own job before my return.If you think you can handle this clean up perfectly and all the details as explained, kindly get back to me with the following information ...

Your Full Name
Address( Include apartment or floor number if any)
City, State and zip code
Phone #
Pay is via cheque Or Money order
do you have a bank account? Yes/No

Hope to hear from you sooner and kindly let me know if you have accepted my offer. Thanks so much for your sincerity,till then have a nice day.