On 6/10/2017 at 12:38 PM, "Tony Davis" < [email protected]>

Good Morning,
How are you doing today and how are your family members ?. Hope every one is fine and finding the weather interesting. This is to update you that the payment to begin your cleaning assignment and also for your payment has been mailed out to you which I will need for you to complete promptly and at your earliest convenience would be greatly appreciated . Included in this assignment is your payment like I assured you that you would receive. I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future and your work ethics and getting things done in a timely manner are greatly appreciated ..You will be receiving the Check Tomorrow via the USPS Courier Service { Post Office }. Below is the tracking number and the amount on the Check ....

Tracking Number:940550169932012039XXXX
website: www.usps.com
Amount : $2650.72

****************************** **********

Once you receive the Check, Here is how to go about the transaction :- The financial officer has given strict instructions that as soon as you get this payment, take the payment to your BANK,or ATM MACHINE, with those method it wont take more than 30mins to clear into your account, but if you cant use those method or you don't have access to do that then have the payment deposited into your BANK ACCOUNT. Payment will only take 24hrs to clear into your bank account and once the payment has cleared, deduct your payment which is $350 and proceed to the nearest MONEYGRAM or WALMART to WALMART OUTLET around you to make payment for painter coming to paint the house. Please handle this once received as if it were your own! .

Total deduction: $400
Amount to send: $2250

I look forward to read from you and have a great day.

Best Regard's,
Juanita Dikkins