/ Wicky Technology Co / 維其科技有限公司

Their business has no honor!

After receiving a perfectly working 2 sample order ($35) USB flash drives, 8GB and 16Gb, I have placed an order for a 500 units, 250 8GB and 250 16GB.
I have received a 500 units of 8GB only and non of them work!!!
I have tried to reach out to them and the last thing they requested is to take a picture... I am not sure a picture of what as the flash drives all look the same, which I have included in my response. Since then I have not heard a word. A real nice rip off...


Their website:

Real name of the company is: Wicky Technology Co., Limited / The said they are in business for 8 years, yet they are only 1 year old: / Wicky Technology Co / 維其科技有限公司

CR No. 2372238

Tel : +86 755 32891087
Fax : +86 755 32891087
Mobile : +86 18676764442
E-mail :[email protected]
[email protected]
QQ : 1953940092

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