You do not even deserve 1 star. I never in my life after being a dog owner for over 20 years experienced such a horrible service. Your Dr.'s seem to make a verbal diagnosis such as your dog has kennel cough and pneumonia. Then your Dr.'s recommend hospitalization that cost over $1,000 and explain if you do not agree to that service your dog's medical condition can get worst and even fatal. Then i ask if you have a payment plan being i can not afford the $1,000 and i want to help my dog stay alive and you tell me sorry no payment plans all services must be paid in full either by cash or credit. Then I ask your staff of Dr.'s for a letter to put their medical opinion in writing and they refuse to do so or want to change their diagnosis to a less serious condition now that your Dr.'s know it is in writing. My other dog who i love with all of my heart died while under your care. The worst and most horrible part is your staff knows my wife has stage 4 breast cancer and still are putting my family through this disgraceful money making scheme in my opinion. I am never coming back and making sure everyone i know who is a pet owner in our community to STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!