I responded to a Craigslist advertisement for warehouse/yard work and received this message from [email protected]


We need a cleaner urgently, I'm Fredrick Lamper and My wife's name is Bridget Lamper , me and my family are relocating to your City from SHREVEPORT, LA We are coming there to do some contract basis with my research for Anderson Construction Co as i work presently with the Anderson Construction Co here in SHREVEPORT, LA as a research contractor manager and we are relocating to your city for 2 yrs on my research and arrangement has been made with my wife uncle who has helped us to buy a house before he passed away last week, So we need someone who could work as a cleaner. I will be offering you $350 a week plus a $50 for transportation weekly, i will be needing your services for 2 hours at any suitable time of yours, Mondays through Fridays also i need to get you informed that i have financier here in the state who will be handling payment for your service, if you be interested in working with Williams family.

I will like you to get back to me with requested information below.

*** Your Full Name:
*** Full Address:Apt# OR Suite#
*** Age
*** City, STATE, Zip Code
*** Your cell phone number and home phone number(text and call)
*** Direct Email ?
*** DO YOU HAVE ANY CRIMINAL RECORD? Don't mean any offence.

All we need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will
be committed to the work, You will also have a nice period of working
with my Family. I will be waiting to hear from you...Thank you

Best Regards,
Mr&Mrs Lamper

Best Regards,
Fredrick Lamper

I responded with inaccurate information because it seemed odd that this person required personal information for yard work then the person responded with this..

Hello ,
This is Mrs Bridget Lamper. We got your email with the provided information and we are glad to have received it but my apologies i didn't reply sooner, i had a complications, I have gained so much weight I will have a very large baby, a painful pregnancy, a lots of complications with my pregnancy, so i was in bed all day relaxing.

I assure you that the house is going to be within a 30 mins drive from you since we have your address, you need not worry about amount that transportation would cost you, we decided to be taking care of that apart from your weekly payment. The house is currently under
renovation and the address and keys will be sent to you once it's done and that will be in five days time. My husband has forwarded your details to our financier and requested him to prepare a check in your name and have it mail to you. The payment is in amount of $2000. I would need you to help me shop for some items in place regarding my pregnancy for our unborn baby and also some groceries which i will be sending you the list of items you will be getting for us before our arrival, that's why the check was made in that amount. My doctor said the baby might come earlier than expected. I hope you'd be in the position to do this help for us. Your advance 1 week pay has been added and like i earlier said, we would be taking care of
transportation ($50) every week for a start.
Be rest assured that you'd enjoy every bit of time working with
our family. I am going to be in bed all day due to doctor's order. I
want to believe i have the right information of you for payment .


God Bless

Best Regards,
Fredrick Lamper

I researched the names and came across several other scams they tried through craigslist but with a different first name which was Clemont Lamper.
And they attempted the same tactic with me with other people but with different locations and amounts.