Don't send any money by money gram,western union,money express,don't buy i-tunes cards. The check may be counterfeit. Inly send money by direct bank transfer.

On 6/6/2017 at 7:58 AM, "Marleny Hines" < [email protected]> wrote:

Good Morning,

Kindly be advised that your first formal assignment as told in your job description begins today. Be acquainted that a remittance has been mailed to you by "U,S,P,S". and the anticipated delivery time is about 2 to 3 working days. Going by the data on the manifest, it is expected of you to get the parcel any moment from now. Kindly keep me notified soon as it's Delivered.

The check amount is in total of $ 4,810.50

Furthermore, the U,S,P,S tracking Number is. 9470 1016 9932 0031 34XX XX

Upon receipt of the Check, kindly be duty-bound of the following:

· Proceed to you bank and deposit the check. You can make the deposit via ATM - Deposit Machine or Counter Deposit inside the Bank.
· After the deposit is made, clearance time frame should be within 1 to 3 business days within which funds will be available for collection.

Funds allotment Procedure:

· WAGES: Subtract $ 620 for your salary.
· CHARITY: Subtract $ 300 and use it in buying some gift Items for kids between 3 to 10 years age bracket.

All gifts items should be sent via any courier service to the Orphanage home stated below:

Colette's Childrens' Home
7372 Prince Dr, Suite 106
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

As regards the payment to my travel agency, Kindly keep me posted soon as the funds are available for your withdrawal so I can send the payment instructions.



On 6/1/2017 at 10:56 AM, "mar consult" < [email protected]> wrote:

Hello, I have to start by saying thanks for showing interest on the job posted on Craigslist but unfortunately, the position has already been taken. So therefore, I'm presenting you another position to work as my personal assistant.My name is Marleny Hines,I am 43 years old and i am into Estate Managements. I am currently on business trip right now and my ex personal assistant is pregnant,I need someone else to take her post and while i am away. I'm a Venture Capitalist maintaining established business correlation with diverse companies within and across the globe. My present day engagement and successive business expansion demands the role of a Personal assistant who will help support my work load in order to establish timely delivery of services and attendance to Important matters. The sensitivity of this position warrants the office holder to be upright, responsive, accountable, trustworthy, emphatic, persevering and honest. I Will be here for up to 3-4 weeks.I need someone to start working for me prior to my arrival and can give me these services: Running errands within the city like paying of bills, picking up orders at stores when needed and laundry pick up when needed also. I am looking for someone that is ready to start the job as soon as possible, this job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are and I don't mind you doing all of the tasks during your spare time outside of work or school.

Mostly you work for 3 hrs each day for 3 days a week and i will start with $600.00-$700.00 as your weekly salary. I think that is a good salary for a start and I really need you to start today or tomorrow if you are ready to work and not lazy, also if you can work with little or no supervision for now, email me with the following information so I can reconfirm your readiness to get started. This is just an illustrative message, soon as I'm back to the states in three weeks time, I will arrange a proper meeting for us both, during which proper documentation will be done. I have a couple of things you could assist me with at the moment, if you will be within reach for me which could act as a good start to our working relationship.


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Marleny Hines